This comes from a vintage recipe booklet published by Fleischmann’s Yeast dated 1961. The full recipe is available below, you can also click the image to view a larger size if you like. QUICK, THE MIX! Go ahead and bake-it-easy–that’s why mixes were born! And now you can do wonderful new things with them, just […]

Here’s an old sweetie of a recipe clipped from a magazine, date unknown but I believe it would be 1950s or maybe even 1960s era. This was found in a box stuffed with old recipes and clippings. Notes for the Girls . . . TEMPTING TAFFY BUNS, one of the best quickie hot breads ever–something […]

This is a handwritten recipe that was found on the other side of the Beat ‘N Eat Frosting recipe posted yesterday. Date unknown, but I believe it to be vintage. Recipe is typed as-is, formatting changed a bit for easier reading. Sticky Buns 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 1/2 cup dark molasses 1/2 cup currents […]

This is a handwritten recipe on a long sheet of lined paper. Date unknown. The writing was neat and I was able to interpret the recipe with no problem. Recipe is typed below true to the original copy. Plain Tea Biscuits 2 cups sifted flour 3 teaspoons Baking Powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 4 tablespoons shortening […]

This is a clipping from packaging of some sort, the weight is like light stock paper. Recipe is stapled to an index card, part of it folded over back. Date unknown. QUICK & EASY YEAST ROLLS 1 package active dry yeast 3/4 cup warm water (105 to 115°) 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons vegetable oil […]

HOT CROSS BUNS If it’s Eastertime there must be piping hot cross buns–and here’s and easy-does-it way to make them . . . BY DORIS TISDALE HOME SERVICE CENTER To make two dozen buns you’ll need: Flour, enriched, 3 1/2 cups Milk, 1/2 cup Sugar, 4 tablespoons Salt, 2 teaspoons Shortening, 4 tablespoons Cold water, […]

Recipes for sweet dough, swedish tea ring, irish refrigerator rolls and more are included in this small pamphlet with the following information: No. 24 in a Series of Mary Alden’s Famous Recipes Yeast Rolls and Tempting Coffee Cakes Special Recipe Service For special recipes or other baking help, write to Mary Alden’s Test Kitchen, Box […]

This is a clipping from Parade Magazine dated November 6, 1960. Onion Rolls, made the quick no-knead way, are so delicious that you’re sure to eat one the moment you take them out of the oven. Try them with a savory stew or casserole dish. Onion Batter Rolls 1 package active dry yeast 1 1/4 […]