This recipe was clipped from a newspaper, date unknown. There’s a basic recipe for homemade ice cream as well as three different variations (banana-nut, strawberry, peach). Recipe is typed below along with a scanned copy (the recipe was across three small columns so I pieced them together for the scan).

Homemade Ice Cream Recipes ClippingHOMEMADE ICE CREAM

2 cans evaporated milk
2 cups sugar
1 Tbsp. vanilla
6 eggs, separated
Pinch of salt

Beat egg whites until stiff. Beat in sugar. Mix egg yolks and evaporated milk, add slowly to egg white/sugar mixture. Add vanilla, salt and fruit. Finish filling freezer can with low-fat milk. Freeze as directed.

Variations: Banana Nut: 3-4 ripe bananas, mashed, plus 1/2 cup chopped pecans.

Strawberry: 1 pint fresh strawberries, chopped fine and sweetened to taste.

Peach: 5-6 ripe peaches, chopped fine, sweetened to taste.

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6 Responses to Homemade Ice Cream Recipe Clipping

Kimberly Bostic
Published 4 July, 2015 in 10:19 am

I have been looking this recipe for ice cream where you just use evaporated milk and while milk instead of whipping cream to make back in the day ice cream

Published 9 May, 2016 in 1:42 pm

I would love to see your old ice cream recipes please

Published 29 July, 2022 in 3:38 pm

I don’t understand “ Finish filling freezer can with low-fat milk.”

Published 30 July, 2022 in 9:52 am

Can someone help with THAT last instruction with the filling freezer can with low-fat milk part please elaborate thanks a MILLION

Kay Gerdes
Published 24 December, 2022 in 11:06 am

I just want to worn you that you can get salmonella food poisoning from raw eggs. I made homemade ice cream with a recipe similar to this. It didn’t say cook it first. I nearly died. Was in the hospital for 3 days. My husband and son was very sick too. Please tell people to cook it on the stove first, if it has eggs. There are recipes that don’t include eggs.

Published 13 June, 2023 in 1:12 pm

Filling the freezer with milk means to pour your ice cream mixture into the cylinder. Then you add milk up to the fill line. There is an indention on the metal can that tells you where to stop. Then you put the Dasher in, put the lid on, attach the motor, add ice and tock salt, and plug it in. It will shut off when its ready.

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