Please Read Before Using Recipes

I’ve done my best to accurately record each recipe and instruction. If there’s an error on my part (typo, missed instruction, etc.), I sincerely apologize. However by using any recipe or instruction given on this website, you agree it is at your own risk.

If you’d like to take a recipe and upload it to your blog or website, please make sure to credit as the source with a clickable link either to or to the recipe page itself.

Any pictures displayed here are property of and cannot be used elsewhere without permission.

Important: Safe Canning & Food Preservation

It’s important for you to know that safety guidelines for home canning and preserving are higher now than they were a few decades ago when these recipes were written. Please be aware that the home canning and food preservation recipes on this site may not be considered safe according to today’s guidelines.

I realize that many choose to continue with the same methods and recipes that their grandmothers used years ago, with little or no consequence, but research does show you’re taking a chance by doing so.

If it’s a small batch recipe, it should be fine to use as long as it was refrigerated and used quickly.

Please make sure to keep all canning tools and items properly sterilized and do not omit or cut back on sugar, vinegar or lemon juice quantities as these amounts stated in the recipes were found necessary to keep the food safe (from what they knew back then).

Although a common practice years ago, it is not recommended to simply pack hot food or sauces in sterilized jars, seal then store away (as many vintage recipes advise). Hot water baths are strongly recommended, and even then only for high-acidic recipes. Everything else is advised to be pressure canned.

To keep up-to-date with today’s guidelines and follow any changes to recommendations, make sure to follow the suggestions found here: National Center For Home Food Preservation.

The recipes on this site are for archival purposes, preserving recipes past generations used, recommended and shared with each other.