This recipe was written on a lined index card and found in a large collection, date unknown. I’ve typed it below along with a scanned copy.

Handwritten Recipe For English Ladies

English Ladies

1st Layer:

1/2 c butter
1/4 c sugar
5 tsp cocoa
1 T vanilla
2 eggs

Combine & cook until thick.

2 c graham crax
1 c coconut
1/2 nuts

2nd Layer:

1/4 c butter
3 T milk
2 T vanilla pudding powder
2 c pd. sugar

Spread on 1st layer

3rd Layer:

4 sq. semi-sweet choc.
1 T butter


Each layer must be chilled 15 min. Grease pan. Slice b/4 freezing.

The 2 Week Diet

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10 Responses to English Ladies Square Recipe – Handwritten

Published 8 October, 2010 in 6:53 pm

Sounds like Nanaimo bars. I just want to tell you how much I enjoy coming to this site. I wanted to do something like this with my grandmother’s recipes (which seem to be from the same era) but frankly, there is no need as you have done such an incomparable job. I treasure her old cookbooks, but this is also a treat for the vintage recipe lover.

Published 11 June, 2011 in 12:51 pm

This has been written by someone from England, because my grandmother was raised there and that’s how they write the letter “r”. That’s how my mom’s and her recipes were identified from each others…cause they would swap and share and then collect back again….LOL

Virginia Provost
Published 13 November, 2012 in 2:37 pm

The sausage scrapple recipe is just what I have been looking for. I will check out your charming vintage recipe collection. Thanks!

Published 2 November, 2013 in 8:42 pm

Cheryl – I was taught that form of a “r” in a small town in Nebraska in 1950, so it’s not special just to England although it is not common in the USA.

Published 22 August, 2014 in 2:21 pm

Hi, Cheryl: I have older relatives from the midwest and they make their “r” and “t” just like the lady did above, in addition to your English grandmother. :)

Published 22 December, 2014 in 8:54 pm

I don’t know, Cheryl. My mother grew up in Waco, Texas in the 30’s and 40’s and she was taught to make her r’s the same way as the ones written on this recipe card.

Published 21 July, 2015 in 12:33 am

I have been looking for a recipe my sister remembers from her childhood (she is ten years older than I – she was born in 1948, so we’re talking 50’s). It was some type of cake or cobbler containing pineapple filling and had cornmeal in the cake or dough part. She talks about it all the time and I would love to be able to surprise her with a recipe! Thanks, Lori

Shirley Dehmer
Published 17 December, 2015 in 6:50 pm

Nanaimo is a little town where the ferry docks from Canada onto Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada. Canada is Brittish. That probably explains why the letter “r” was written that way.

Bee Gianni
Published 4 May, 2016 in 9:34 pm

I LOVE vintage and all the hand~me~down recipes I can find. These old recipes are absolute gems and all but lost. Thanks for your site.

Published 5 December, 2019 in 1:30 pm

Thanks for sharing a wonderful tasted recipes I love to come and do at home those recipes. have a blessed day

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