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This vintage recipe was clipped from a newspaper and found in a large collection, date unknown but I believe this is from the 1960’s or so. Recipe is typed below along with a scanned copy.

Recipe Clipping For Potato Candy

Potato Candy

2 to 3 medium potatoes
1 1/2 to 2 lbs. confectioner’s sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
2 tbsps. butter
peanut butter

Cook potatoes, peel and mash; cool to lukewarm or able to handle. Add next three ingredients, blending well. The sugar amount will vary according to size of potatoes. The dough should be quite stiff, but not too dry.

Roll out on waxed paper or board, lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar, to a rectangle shape. Spread with peanut butter (1/4-inch thick) and roll up as for jelly roll. Slice and place cut side down on platter. May be eaten immediately or keep in freezer for some time.

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10 Responses to Potato Candy Recipe Clipping

Published 19 December, 2012 in 7:53 pm

My grandmother, then my mother made this when I was a little girl. I don’t know why but mom stopped making it..perhaps after grandma passed. I just googled and found the recipe and gonna make it for Christmas as I am sure my guest have never had it..
I am so excited!!

Kathy norton
Published 8 August, 2013 in 5:46 pm

As a child I remember so well my grandmother would make this for me , as I recall I could not get enough this is perfect to get any child to like peanut butter provided he or she allowed to have it.

Published 18 May, 2016 in 8:09 am

I do not use the butter in my recipe. This will help to bind the mixture and not to separate causing it to fall apart.

Published 17 March, 2019 in 7:52 am

My mother always made potato candy every Christmas! She mashed a little bit of potato with a fork then mashed in powdered sugar to the right consistency, then mashed in a little more potato— etc. IShe kept it sliced in a Tupperware box in the fridge! It was always a treat!

Linda Brooks
Published 3 May, 2019 in 9:28 pm

My aunt used to make this when her girls and I were little. She would use left over mashed potatoes. I’m in my 60’s now. A bit ago I asked her for the recipe. She couldn’t remember making it. My cousins didn’t remember it either. I was so happy to find the recipe! I want to make it for my grandson! I will post a photo and my results!

Jeneane Tatum
Published 12 May, 2019 in 9:47 pm

Approximately how many cups is 2 to 3 medium potatos

Gina Ryker
Published 4 September, 2020 in 8:14 pm

The first time I can remember hearing about candy made with potatoes was 54 years ago when I was 8 years old and we lived in Kentucky and I was 8 years old and even then the thought of making candy with Potatoes really didn’t sound very good at all and I can’t remember what it tasted like but I know there are so many things you can use to make good sweets with to that it doesn’t shock me now.

Kandi Kerton
Published 1 October, 2020 in 5:11 pm

You have NO idea what I just experienced as I opened this recipe page. At first, I think I just held my breath and within 5 seconds I could feel my heart racing and tears just rolled down my face and onto my shirt. I couldn’t speak at first. My husband looked over at me and said “what’s the matter, are you okay?”.Apparently, besides tears, I had a real goofy grin on my face and looked kinda spaced-out.When he asked “what’s wrong?”. I said “give me a minute or two and I’ll tell you.
My parents & I and my newborn sister had just moved into a new house across the river from our old (too small for a growing family) house. What an awesome place to spend the next 12 years of my life. It was like one giant family. Everyone knew each other, took care of each other…no wonder!…my dad’s sister(& family) lived about 2 houses down from us and next door was my dad’s parents. My grandfather had moved here with my 16 year old father to get everything situated for the rest of the family to move in within a few weeks. As fate would have it I followed in my dad’s footsteps…same street, same schools, graduated from same HS…and then so did my daughter. As a kid, I can remember my best friends (next door to us) had a grandmother who lived in Kentucky. Every time she came to visit she would bring a huge tin of homemade candy for all of us to share. To this day, I have never had anything that tasted so good. After she passed, no more candy arrived like the candy she made. I knew it was called “potato candy” but I searched high & low for a recipe. It was sad! Today, while I was online, this recipe popped up!!! I’m going to make it this weekend! Stay tuned…I’ll send you a post-candy review! THANK YOU! I’M STILL IN SHOCK!

Published 7 September, 2021 in 3:20 pm

My dad made potato candy – learned from his mom. And he taught me how to make it. We don’t use butter either, just the peanut butter

Alanna Lyons
Published 2 July, 2023 in 2:03 pm

My Grandma Beverly Cork, made potatoes candy when I was a small child and the texture, the flavor, has been a memory of decadence, so smooth and creamy like. Absolutely pure bliss. If heaven has a candy its this potatoes candy that it could be. Recently a friend of mine started to crave peanut butter and apples with her 3rd pregnancy. She has two other children who both are preparing for college and with her being slightly older now her pregnancy is one we all seem to be pampering for several factors pertaining The obvious, lol, but also her needing to be very balanced with everything she is doing and not doing. I mentioned to her this potatoes candy made with peanut butter, though extremely rich in its ingredients I wanted her to know, I thought a small batch to over come her craving for peanut butter and her need to feel like she’s loved along with what I the awesome friend I am who takes risks more than others of our family and friends, set up a perfect “me time date”. Soon, I took it upon myself to do all of her chores one Saturday, made sure everyone had something else to do besides needing mom for the whopping 2 hours I wanted my friend to have a little time to herself without any need to worry or stay busy. I did her chores and ran the bubble bath plugged in a lavender chamomile scented plug in light the candle of the same aroma and made a glass of mango bubbly water, after she was through with that I surprised her with the potatoes candy, just a small piece but like I thought she would react she did. It was literally like icing on the cake as the say for her to have such a heavenly moment, satisfying her sweet tooth with the real peanut butter being the true focus of flavor! She was completely amazed and 100% satisfied. The smile she had on her face was one that showed pleasurable memory that made the historic category in her memory. It is honestly this good! Do not hesitate to give it a try if you want to make a memory that lasts serve potatoes candy, everyone will be more than glad you did!

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