Here’s an old newspaper clipping with the date unknown but it was when margarine was 39 cents a pound and salad dressings 35 cents a bottle (based on the advertising on the back). I like to include old articles like this on RecipeCurio since I feel they are also a treasure to be archived and […]

This article has tips for souring fresh cream as well as a recipe for a Strawberry Sour Cream Shortcake. It comes from the Farm Journal dated 1947 and is typed below along with a scanned copy that you can click to view larger. There is a small bit of damage on the bottom of the […]

This is a two page article pulled from the Poultry Tribune magazine (1957). The article is typed below along with scanned copies of both pages, each scan is clickable if you’d like to view a larger copy. The last recipe on page two for “Cottage Cheese Pinwheel Rolls” carried over to another page that I […]

Here’s a full page from a 1958 magazine that was pulled and saved in a recipe box, came in a large collection of vintage recipes. The hints are quick and varied and are typed below as-is. Click the picture at the very bottom to view a larger size of the full page article if you […]

Here’s a clipping from a booklet or cookbook that was taped onto a white index card and saved in a recipe box, print is in green ink. Date unknown. Canned Food Storage Chart Canned foods, unopened 12 months Canned fruit juices, unopened 9 months Canned foods, opened baby food 2-3 days fish and seafood 2 […]

This is a clipping from a magazine found in an old collection of recipes. The article was cut into two pieces (one strip for the directions, the other strip for the picture of the strawberry centerpiece) and then stapled together onto an index card. The instructions for how to make this centerpiece are below. Strawberry […]

Here’s a 3 column magazine clipping, date unknown. Great cookery terms listed, article below: DO YOU sometimes wonder what we mean when we use certain cookery terms? And do you often wish a word or a process might be made more explicit and save you bother and confusion? If such is the case, you’ll get […]

Here are some hints and tips for the kitchen from the booklet: Spice Islands Cook’s Survival Cookbook A collection of quick recipes and tips to help you survive unexpected company and kitchen catastrophes. Copyright 1978, Specialty Brands Incorporated Image: Found on page 28: SURVIVING KITCHEN CATASTROPHES SALTY FOODS: Here are some hints on how to […]