Strawberry Table Centerpiece Display ClippingThis is a clipping from a magazine found in an old collection of recipes. The article was cut into two pieces (one strip for the directions, the other strip for the picture of the strawberry centerpiece) and then stapled together onto an index card. The instructions for how to make this centerpiece are below.

Strawberry Table Centerpiece

For a base I use a marble cheese tray, that revolves like a lazy susan, so when one side of the tree gets picked clean, you give the base a twirl and pick from the other side.

Of course, you can use any type tray or platter, just be sure to secure the styrofoam cone to the base with a little florist clay, so the tree won’t come toppling over on your table.

Besides the cone, clay and base you will need: fresh greens, box of round toothpicks, greening pins (available at florists), and, of course fresh strawberries.

The 18-inch cone makes a very large tree that I use for big parties, like for 60 guests when my table has been extended. For a smaller centerpiece, a 12-inch cone works very well and the berries needed would be enough for about 30 guests.

Strawberry Centerpiece Instructions, Click To View LargerDepending on the size of the berries, the 18-inch cone takes about six quarts and the 12-inch about three quarts. The berries should be tasty-ripe, yet firm enough so they won’t fall off their toothpick stems.

To assemble the tree, secure with florist clay to base you are using.

Cover the tree with washed and dried greens or leaves. You can use fresh mint, curly endive or parsley or sprigs of holly or camelia or gardenia leaves.

Take sprigs of parsley or mint (or bit of holly) and pin stem part to cone with a greening pin, pressing pin all the way into cone, until cone is fully covered. Save a few greens and some of the largest strawberries to use as garnish around bottom of tree.

Then, take round toothpicks and insert in rows all over the tree.

When you have most of the toothpicks in place, start adding the berries. Gently, but firmly push a fresh berry, cap side out, on each toothpick. Start with large berries on bottom, working to top with smaller berries.

You might have to add a few more toothpicks and berries to fill in, but leave some of the greens showing.

Decorate the base with remaining greens and berries.

The tree should be assembled pretty close to the party time so everything is fresh, but it only takes about 30 minutes to do it, if you have everything ready.

One more thing: This strawberry tree is so beautiful and almost unreal, that people are often hesitant to touch it. So you must keep urging your party guests to “please, pick the berries.”

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