Food Is Called Goodness Of GodHere’s an old newspaper clipping with the date unknown but it was when margarine was 39 cents a pound and salad dressings 35 cents a bottle (based on the advertising on the back).

I like to include old articles like this on RecipeCurio since I feel they are also a treasure to be archived and remembered–many times these little notes and articles were pasted in recipe books or tucked into recipe boxes since they had some meaning to the housewife and she wanted to preserve them.

Author is unknown. Article is typed in full below along with a scanned copy.

Food Is Called Goodness of God

“Food is more than proteins, vitamins, calories, carbohydrates, and all the other vital needs of sustenance. Food is the architect of the human body from infancy to old age. It is the fuel that feeds the hungry furnace concealed in every little boy and girl. It is the source of youth’s glowing radiance. It is the workman’s arsenal of energy. It is the housewife’s obedient servant with its infinite variety. It is the happy, colorful, fragrant, tempting honored guest of the holidays. It is the focal point of daily gatherings of millions and millions of families.

“It is the handiwork of nature and farmer, dairyman, rancher, manufacturer, processor, wholesaler, retailer and every other responsible man and woman who make up the lifeline that is the food industry. Indoors or outdoors; morning, noon or night — it is the restorer of health, the sinew of strength, the pleasure of the palate.

“By sunlight or candlelight it gives mankind one of life’s most beneficial delights and simultaneously renews strength of body and mind.

“It is all these things and more. It is the force and the source of life itself. It is the goodness of God. We call it ‘Food.’ “

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