Here are some hints and tips for the kitchen from the booklet:

Spice Islands
Cook’s Survival Cookbook

A collection of quick recipes and tips to help you survive unexpected company and kitchen catastrophes.

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Spice Islands Cook's Survival Cookbook

Found on page 28:



Here are some hints on how to handle the following foods if they are too salty!

SOUP: Drop a whole peeled potato into the pot and simmer about 30 minutes. The potato will absorb excess salt.

STEW: Increase the quantity of stew ingredients without adding more salt. Or, add a couple of pinches of brown sugar which will help hide the salty flavor.

HAM: Slice ham, then soak in milk for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse in cold water.

SEAFOOD: Soak in clear water for about 10 minutes. If it is not going to be served right away, drain and store in a fresh bowl of water in refrigerator.

VEGETABLES: For broccoli and brussel sprouts, change the cooking water. Then put them in a colander and rinse off gently under hot water. Return to pot of fresh water. Or if they have finished cooking before you discover they are too salty, put in colander and rinse under hot water. Asparagus should be put back in fresh hot water; add a dash of vinegar and let it sit for one minute. Put cauliflower back in fresh boiling water for one minute.

BAKED BEANS: Add more beans to the pot; or, add a little brown sugar or vinegar.

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