This is a recipe pamphlet from Dromedary for their Gingerbread Mix and Dates. There’s no date anywhere but this would have been published shortly after WWII since it mentions food shortages easing. The full sheet is typed below along with scans of both sides, you can click them to view a larger copy. Soon you’ll […]

Here’s a sweet vintage recipe folder/booklet from the New York Cherry Growers Association, I believe it was published around 1955 since it includes the 1955 prize winning recipe for Lattice Cherry Pie. Each of the recipes are typed out below as well as scans of the full sheet. It’s too long for my scanner so […]

Here’s a great find, it’s a recipe folder from Quaker Oats featuring 12 different recipes, I believe this was published in 1938. One side of the sheet has a small section promoting two radio show characters, “Betty Lou” from The Quaker Party that was broadcast Saturday nights and “Girl Alone” that was broadcast 5 days […]

This is a long promo recipe sheet from Betty Crocker with no date but because the flour mentioned in the recipes is the All America Enriched Flour, it would have been published sometime during 1946 and 1947 when there was a War Food Order. This was issued by the U.S. government designed to make existing […]

Here’s a sweet little recipe pamphlet from Rice Chex that was published in the 1950s or 1960s, not sure of the date. It features Lee Goodman on the cover, it could be the actor Lee Goodman who was in many TV roles during the 1950s and 1960s. Each of the recipes are typed out below […]

This is an old recipe promo sheet from Egrol Custard Powder, no date but I’d guess the 1930s. All the recipes are typed below, you can click the pictures to view a larger copy if you like. EGROL CUSTARD Directions.–For one pint of Custard take one tablespoonful (3/4oz) Egrol, add sufficient milk to make a […]

Here is a sweet mini-pamphlet for “1-2-3” cookies (a few different variations). This was published by General Mills in 1951 and includes a 1 Gold Medal Coupon. You can view both sides of the pamphlet below, just click to view a larger copy. “1-2-3” (Peanut Butter) Cookies Mix . . . 1 cup peanut butter […]

This is a recipe insert sheet, probably came with a cake or jelly roll pan since the company mentioned at the bottom made and sold tin baking pans. There’s no date anywhere on the sheet, maybe 1940s or 1950s. JELLY ROLL & CAKE PAN DELICIOUS JELLY ROLL 4 whole eggs 1 cup granulated sugar 1 […]