This is a promotional recipe flyer for six different tasty sweets, the brand names are Hershey, Fleischmann’s, Skippy Peanut Butter and Gold Medal Flour. Based on the picture I would guess this is from the 1970s. All the recipes are typed below and you can click the picture to view larger cookie samples. For your […]

This is a recipe sheet from Pillsbury, date unknown. I found this in a big box of recipes purchased from a lot sale. Make Six Easy Cookies From One Basic Dough… Basic Spice Dough 1 cup firmly packed BROWN SUGAR 1 teaspoon BAKING POWDER 1/2 teaspoon SALT 3 teaspoons CINNAMON 2 teaspoons ALLSPICE 3/4 cup […]

This is a sweet 4 page vintage pamphlet from Cream Corn Starch that offers a few recipes as well as gives instructions for how to make your own cake flour. There is no date anywhere on this, but I would guess this is from around the 1940s. The entire pamphlet and its recipes are typed […]

This recipe comes from a sheet pulled from the Better Homes & Gardens magazine, March, 1959. The sheet has 9 different recipes and is Titled: Betty Crocker’s “Take-out” Page! The front of the page has pictures of each dish and an introduction, the back of the page has the recipe for each dish. I’ve typed […]

This is a small promotional pamphlet for Spry Vegetable Shortening. Date unknown and although there are two different female characters on either side, neither of them are the Aunty Jenny character. Spry Shortening was similar to Crisco if you want to try these recipes today. Date of this pamphlet is unknown, if anyone has more […]

This is a pamphlet from Betty Crocker with details on how to make colored window cookies using the Lifesavers roll candy. Both sides are filled with information, as well as coupons and a chart detailing the Betty Crocker coupons needed for the Oneida Community Stainless and Silverplate Flatware. Date on the coupon expires 1973 so […]

This is a large, full page pullout from a magazine. I believe the back cover? Paper is thick and somewhat glossy. Very worn and well used. Undated, picture on back suggests 1960’s? Betty Crocker says: “Choose the FRUIT CAKE you like best–all 3 from one basic recipe!” The choice is yours! There’s a Santa’s packful […]

This is a recipe and instruction pamphlet from Northwestern Turkey Growers Association in Sacramento, California. No date. Turkey – as You Like It YOUR Every Day Treat or Festive Occasion An American favorite, today’s succulent turkey comes to your table delicious, delectable, flavorful. Turkey in the modern family meal is a mainstay in day to […]