This recipe was included in a promo recipe sheet from Carnation Evaporated Milk titled “Favorite Holiday Recipes” (5 recipes in the sheet), date unknown. Here’s the first recipe which is typed out below along with a scanned copy. The cover of the recipe sheet/folder is at the bottom. Company Fare Turkey Casserole (Makes 6 servings) […]

This recipe folder was published by Swans Down in 1944 (General Foods Corp.) and it folds down into a little booklet just over 3″x2″. There are a few recipes and tips for baking cakes with Swans Down, everything’s typed out below along with a scan of the sheet (broken into sections for easier reading). Other […]

Here is a charming vintage pamphlet from Rumford Baking Powder that’s all about cakes–why they fail and what steps are needed to bake a perfect one every time. There’s also a recipe for a plain cake. I don’t see a date but believe this was published sometime between the 1920’s and 1930’s. I’ve typed the […]

This recipe promo sheet distributed by Betty Crocker is from the 1940’s (I believe) and has assorted recipes for cake, bbq beefies, and others. Full sheet is typed out below along with scans. The sheet is too large for the scanner so I’ve scanned it in sections, click the pictures to view a larger copy. […]

This promo sheet from Betty Crocker features Wartime Meals (WWII) and is quite the little treasure. The back has a portrait of a U.S. soldier smiling for his mom’s oatmeal cookies. The full sheet is too long for the scanner so I’ve scanned in sections, click them to view the larger copies. The entire recipe […]

This recipe sheet from Betty Crocker has no date but it’s likely from the 1940’s. The sheet is typed below along with scans of both the front and back, they are clickable if you’d like to view a larger copy. The bottom coupon has been clipped from the sheet so there is one recipe missing […]

This is a recipe pull out sheet from Betty Crocker for the Christmas holidays, no date but I’d say the 1940s. It’s a bit different than the others since the sheets normally run lengthwise, this one actually runs sideways and folds into a booklet/folder. It’s too long to fit on the scanner so I copied […]

This is a folded recipe sheet from NorthWestern Yeast Co. published in 1936. The full sheet is typed below along with scanned copies, you can click them to view larger if you like. NOW Speed Bake WITHOUT KNEADING! Here’s astounding news for you American housewives. Now you can do an unheard of thing–bake bread without […]