This recipe was written on a lined index card and found in a large collection, date unknown. I’ve typed it below along with a scanned copy.

Handwritten Recipe For Never Fail Pie Crust

Never Fail Pie Crust (From Homemakers Time)

4 c flour
1 3/4 c. veg. shortening
1 Tbsp. sugar
2 tsp. salt

Mix with pastry mixer or fork.

Add the following to dry ingred. & shortening and mix with large wooden spoon.

1 Tbsp. vinegar
1 egg
1/2 c. water

Chill the dough 15 min. or can be frozen till needed.


5 single 9″ pie crusts or
2 – 9″ double and 1 – 9″ shell

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2 Responses to Never Fail Pie Crust Recipe – Handwritten

Catherine Chancellor
Published 9 October, 2016 in 3:28 pm

I liked this recipe better using butter flavored Cisco and milk instead of vinegar.
Although it’s pretty good the other way also.

Published 14 November, 2022 in 11:05 am

I use a never fail pie crust recipe I’ve used for years it’s very similar. My mother used it and my grandmother used it too, I think it was a Betty Crocker recipe originally. Your recipe looks just about the same, but the question I have is about consistency of my dough, it’s different now. I heard during the pandemic that there was an oil shortage and lesser qualities of oil were being used. Does that include Crisco? I thought maybe my Crisco was just old and I bought a new container but I have the same results. I think I will try your recipe to see if it makes a difference, but I’m very disappointed in the quality of Crisco now that has to be it. Nothing else has changed. Your feedback would be appreciated. Thank you

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