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Good Pies and how to Make them

Back Cover - Crisco: Good Pies & How To Make ThemRecently we ran across the report of an investigation into present-day American eating habits. 2,591 school children, scattered throughout 12 states, were asked by their teachers to list everything served in their homes at dinner the day before. Only 442 mentioned pie.

Pie for dessert in only 9 homes out of 50!

What has been happening to America’s one-time national dessert? For many generations, pie was the favorite “topping off” of practically every family. It was put on the table many times a week–often even at breakfast. Today many homes seldom see a good pie. Why?

One reason: Because of their many outside activities women are spending less and less time in their kitchens. And, naturally, many of them have lost the knack of making a good pie.

Perhaps another reason: Too few bakers really make the type of pie desired by the American family. So, after many disappointments, numbers of housekeepers have simply stopped serving pie.

Good Pies are Good Business

Yet, good pies are good business. Restaurants have already found that out. Those that serve a good pie have a large call for the old favorite dessert. In fact, many eating places have found a delicious wedge of pie an effective means of bringing new diners to their tables.

We know, too, of many bakers turning out first-class pies who have built up a large, profitable sale for this specialty. And they get their own price–a good one, too–for their pies.

It is the purpose of this little booklet to discuss pie baking in a thorough-going way–from the standpoint both of materials and of method.

Crisco: Good Pies & How To Make Them

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Mary Sivers
Published 21 November, 2011 in 2:49 pm

My mother born in 1927 used Crisco cookbooks as I grew up. She used Crisco recipe for pie crust and hers was the best tasting and beautiful pies that I have ever seen or ate.

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