This is a handwritten recipe on a white lined index card, found in an old box of recipes and date is unknown. Brandied Strawberries Ice Cream Topping 3 pkg Frozen Sliced Strawberries, thawed 1 BBLSP Cornstarch* 1/2 c currant Jelly Red food color 1/4 c Brandy Drain strawberries slightly, save 1/2 juice. In bowl combine […]

This is a clipping from a magazine found in an old collection of recipes. The article was cut into two pieces (one strip for the directions, the other strip for the picture of the strawberry centerpiece) and then stapled together onto an index card. The instructions for how to make this centerpiece are below. Strawberry […]

A cute little recipe booklet from Ohio Apples titled: “New Ways To Serve”. Inside info states: Issued by THE OHIO APPLE INSTITUTE, INC. McArthur, Ohio. No date but there is a “12-53” with the issue info that could be the month/year. There are a lot of recipes in this little booklet and I’d like to […]