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Now at last there’s a way to make tender, flaky pastry that does away with tiresome cutting-in of shortening and takes out all the guesswork about how much water to add. It’s Spry’s easy “Water-Whip” Method, developed by Home Economists in the Lever Test Kitchens. This time-saving method is possible only because Spry is homogenized—pre-creamed to mix directly with liquids. Your piecrust is ready to roll in seconds—a new easy way that’s neat and tidy!

With the same basic method you can make two-crust fruit pies, pie shells, meat pies, tarts, turnovers and individual pastry shells! Follow the directions exactly and you’ll have easy-to-handle, deliciously tender pastry every time.



3/4 cup Homogenized Spry
1/4 cup boiling water
1 tablespoon milk
2 cups all-purpose flour (sifted once before measuring)
1 teaspoon salt

This recipe also makes enough pastry for a 9″ lattice-top pie or for 9 tart or patty shells.

Put Spry In Medium-Sized Mixing Bowl

Put Spry in a medium-sized mixing bowl and over it pour the boiling water and milk. Then tilt the bowl and break up the shortening with a fork.

Whip Until Mixture Is Smooth

With rapid cross-the-bowl strokes whip until mixture is smooth and thick like whipped cream and holds soft peaks when fork is lifted.

Sift Flour & Salt

Put measured flour and salt into sifter; sift onto Spry “Whip.” There’s no cutting-in of shortening, no guessing as to how much water to add.

Stir Ingredients Quickly

Stir ingredients quickly, with vigorous round-the-bowl strokes, into a dough that clings together and “cleans” the bowl. Takes about 33 seconds!

Take Up Dough In Hands

Take up dough in hands, work gently into a smooth, blended dough, then shape into a flat round. Divide dough in half; roll each half separately.


Roll Dough Between Squares Of Waxed Paper

Roll dough between 12″ squares of waxed paper (laid on slightly dampened table) from center out into circle size of paper. If paper wrinkles, remove top one, put on another; turn, roll.

Put Pastry In Pie Pan

To put pastry in pie pan, peel off top paper, pick up pastry and center it over pan, pastry side down. Remove paper gently. Use same easy rolling method for remaining half of dough.

“Water-Whip” dough is soft and pliable–especially suited to the easy new rolling method with waxed paper. You don’t need a breadboard, a pastry cloth, or a rolling pin cover. Simply roll the dough between squares of waxed paper right on your kitchen table or counter top. Dampen the counter slightly to prevent skidding. No extra flour is needed in rolling because the dough doesn’t stick to waxed paper. If desired, the dough can be rolled on a floured board.

Steam Vents: Small slits must be made in closed pies to let out steam during baking. It’s easier to cut them in top crust after putting the crust on the filling. For a fruit pie, a pricked outline of the fruit used is attractive.

Cut-outs: Place decorative unbaked “patches” of pastry, such as fruits, on the top crust before baking. Brush with unbeaten egg white or milk.

To make a glazed top, brush the unbaked pie with slightly beaten egg white and sprinkle with sugar.

For an extra-brown crust, brush the top crust before baking with milk or cream, then sprinkle with sugar.

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Have been looking for this recipe–always used to use it–but I do not remember it having milk in it quit making pies when I lost the recipe!!

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Have used this recipe, with slightly different measurements, all my married life. (60 years)Was on the back of my mother’s small can of Spry.

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