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This recipe was clipped from a newspaper, date is unknown but probably the 1960s. Recipe is typed below along with a scanned copy.

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How about an old-fashioned taffy pull?


One cup mild sorghum or
New Orleans molasses
One tablespoon butter
One-half cup hot water
One-half teaspoon vanilla
One cup light corn syrup
One-third cup white sugar
One-fourth teaspoon soda

Combine all but soda and vanilla. Boil until very hardball stage (250 degrees). Add soda until well mixed. Add vanilla and pour on buttered platter. Turn in edges until cool enough to pull. Pull until light in color. Cut with buttered scissors.

The hotter you pull taffy, the more brittle it will be. It can burn fingers.

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Cheryl B Fulford
Published 23 June, 2016 in 11:39 am

I love recipes and cooking them.

Ernst Hill
Published 21 January, 2018 in 10:06 pm

The taffy recipe calls for Soda, is this Baking Soda?

jane jill
Published 21 April, 2018 in 9:21 am

Yes its baking soda

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