This is a handwritten recipe card found in a large collection of recipes that were mainly from the 1970s through to the 1990s. There are a few abbreviations in this recipe but I think it’s pretty clear. The # symbol represents “pound” in some places. Recipe is typed below pretty much as-is although I did add a few commas for easier reading. There’s also a scanned copy that you can click to view larger if you like.

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3 Bean Casserole or Crock Pot

1st Brown 1/2# Bacon – take out bacon & brown 1 C chp. onion – Take out onion & brown 1/2# hamburger. Put together and add 1 C catsup, 1 t salt, 3/4 C br. sugar, 1 C wh. sugar, 1 t dry mustard, 2 t. vinegar & cook 10 min. Add 1 #2 can pk & beans (VanCamps), 1 – #2 can kidney beans & 1-#2 can butter beans. Drain kidney beans and butter beans. Bake 1 1/2 hrs or longer at 350° or put in crock pot.

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2 Responses to Three Bean Casserole or Crock Pot – Handwritten Recipe

Published 12 June, 2009 in 5:20 pm

how long would you cook the 3 bean casserole in the crock pot?

Published 9 August, 2009 in 3:32 am


Conventional Oven
Cooking Time Slow-Cooker Cooking Time
Low (200) High (300)
15-30 min

4-8 hrs
1 1/2 hrs
30-40 min 6-10 hrs 3-4 hrs
50 min-3 hrs 8-18 hrs 4-6 hrs
Most uncooked meat/poultry and vegetable combinations will require at least 8 hours on low

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