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The Salad Book

“I always thought cold victuals nice.”–Holmes.

A dinner is incomplete without a salad, and properly made salads are conducive to good health and good cheer. A mayonnaise or salad dressing is the basis of nearly all salads, and the good housekeeper will always keep a quantity of good dressing on hand. Nearly all vegetables and fruits are nice when served with salad dressing and when combining them, the quantity of each is not a matter of great importance.

In the following recipes you will find various combinations for salads, but it is not necessary to follow the directions closely as to quantities. Use such amount of each ingredient as you have convenient, mix or cover with a good dressing and garnish nicely and you will have good salad.

The recipes, however, give the proportions that have been found most generally satisfactory and the dressing mentioned is the one that is recommended.

A nicely garnished salad is one of the most attractive and wholesome dishes on the table.

SALAD DRESSING. Sift together one cup sugar, two tablespoons flour, one tablespoon mustard, one tablespoon salt and a dash of cayenne pepper. Add this to the beaten yolks of seven eggs. Add two cups vinegar. Pour mixture into one cup boiling water, and cook until thick. Will keep well in glass can. When using, add an equal amount of rich cream, whipped.

SALAD DRESSING. Three eggs, beaten light, fourth cup melted butter, half cup cream, (sour) or water, half cup vinegar, two tablespoons sugar, half teaspoon mustard, salt to taste, dash of cayenne pepper. Mix all together thoroughly, boil until thick, stirring all the time.

MAYONNAISE DRESSING. Yolks of two eggs, teaspoon of mustard, two teaspoons sugar, half teaspoon salt and a pinch of red pepper; mix well. Stir in one drop at a time, half cup olive oil, then add half cup vinegar and half cup of milk. Boil in double boiler, fifteen minutes, stir all the time. Add half cup cream when cool if desired, or when using, take equal parts of mayonnaise and whipped cream.

PARASIAN FRENCH DRESSING. Half cup olive oil, five tablespoons vinegar, half teaspoon powdered sugar, one tablespoon finely chopped Bermuda onion, two tablespoons finely chopped parsely, four red peppers, eight green peppers, one teaspoon salt. Mix ingredients in the order given. Let stand one hour, then stir vigorously for five minutes. The red and green peppers are the small ones found in pepper sauce.

POTATO SALAD. Boil five or six large potatoes with skins on. When cold, slice thin and cut in small pieces. Add two small cucumbers, four hard-boiled eggs, very little onion, salt and pepper. Mix with salad dressing. Celery and parsley may be added or used instead of cucumbers, or eggs may be omitted.

STUFFED TOMATO SALAD. Select the number of tomatoes desired. Be sure they are firm and as nearly as possible the same size. Pour scalding water over them and the skin can be easily slipped off. Set aside to cool. Cut off the stem end; scoop out the pulp and put into chopping bowl; add sufficient amount of cucumber, onion, celery and radish to fill the empty shells. A few peanuts may be added if desired. Season with salt and pepper; chop and stir in sufficient salad dressing to make the right consistency. Fill the shells and set on ice to chill. Serve on crisp, chilled lettuce leaves, with salad dressing poured over the top just at the moment of serving.

MUSHROOM SALAD. Stew one can of mushrooms until tender; cut into small pieces and season with salt and pepper. Pour over them one tablespoonful of oil and three tablespoonsfuls of vinegar, well mixed. Let stand in the refrigerator until cool. When ready to serve, add half the quantity of chopped celery that you have of mushrooms. Serve on celery or lettuce leaves with mayonnaise or salad dressing.

HUNTERS’ SALAD. One can peas, three tablespoons chopped cheese, three tablespoons chopped onion, three tablespoons sweet pickles, one cup chopped nut meats. Put together with salad dressing.

DRESSING FOR COLD SLAW. Yolks of two eggs, beaten, put in a cup, fill cup with cream, put half cup of vinegar on stove, add lump of butter size of walnut, when it boils, add cream and egg; let boil and if it curdles, boil a short time and it will become smooth; chop cabbage fine, mix well with salt and pepper, fourth teaspoon mustard, tablespoon sugar, pour dressing over and let cool.

CRAB AND ASPARAGUS SALAD. Shred lettuce and mix with cooked asparagus tips and crab meat and mayonnaise dressing. Garnish with asparagus tips and chopped, hard-cooked eggs. Serve with French or boiled dressing.

NUT AND CELERY SALAD. Three bunches celery, one pound blanched almonds, four eggs, cooked hard, mix well and add salad dressing.

MACARONI SALAD. Cook macaroni until tender and cut into small pieces. Cut equal amount of celery and mix. Add one cup chopped nuts and serve with salad dressing.

CELERY SALAD. Three bunches celery, three hard-boiled eggs, one large onion. Slice all very thin and mix with salad dressing; garnish with olives.

BEAN SALAD. One cupful of baked beans, three hard-boiled eggs, two cups of chopped cabbage, two tablespoons chopped onions, two tablespoons chopped pickles. Mix well, and add salad dressing.

TOMATO SALAD. Six tomatoes, half cup of salad dressing. The crisp part of one head of lettuce. Peel the tomatoes without scalding, and put them on ice until they are very cold. The lettuce may also be washed and dried. When ready to serve, cut the tomatoes in halves. Make twelve little nests with two or three salad leaves each, arrange uniformly on the dish, place half a tomato in each nest, put a tablespoonful of ice cold salad dressing on each tomato, and serve immediately.

CABBAGE SALAD. Shred cabbage until you have a third of a pint; add one medium sized or two small cucumbers, sliced thin, add two chopped tomatoes, one teacupful of chopped celery, a handful of minced watercress and one teacupful of hickory nuts or pecan nut meats, chopped. Mix with salad dressing. Serve in cups made from cucumbers shells or on crisp, chilled lettuce leaves. Set in the refrigerator until the moment of serving and serve with salad or mayonnaise dressing.

NUT AND CELERY SALAD. Mix one and a half cups finely cut celery, one cup pecan nut meats, broken in pieces, and one cup shredded cabbage. Moisten with salad dressing and serve in a salad bowl made of a small white cabbage.

PEA SALAD. One can peas, half cup walnut meats, sprinkle with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. Cut lemons in halves, scrape out the inside and fill the cups with salad and put a teaspoon of salad dressing on each cup.

CREAM CHEESE SALAD. Make ordinary cream cheese into balls and press two walnut meats on each. Put three or four into a bed of lettuce or on a plate and cover with French dressing.

CABBAGE OR BEET SALAD. One quart of chopped or shredded cabbage or boiled chopped beets, one cup chopped nuts. Season with salt and pepper and mix with salad dressing.

TOMATO JELLY SALAD. Half box of gelatine soaked in the juice of one can of tomatoes; then heat and add salt, pepper and a little cayenne and sugar. When it is hot, strain the tomatoes and pour in cups to cool, then turn out and slice as you do raw tomatoes; serve on a lettuce leaf and pour over it salad dressing.

SOUR CREAM SLAW. One quart finely cut cabbage, one cup sour cream, half cup vinegar, two tablespoons sugar, a little salt and pepper. Mix and it is ready to serve.

TOMATO SALAD. Scoop out the centers of smooth, ripe tomatoes, and fill the centers with the following: Chopped nut meats, cucumber and tomato, mixed with a good mayonnaise.

PEA SALAD. One can French peas. One cup chopped cabbage, three apples, chopped fine, nuts. Drain off liquid of peas, mix all together, cover with mayonnaise, sprinkle with nuts, chopped fine.

PIMENTO SALAD. One box of lemon jello and water as directed on the box. Add three finely cut pimentos, one sliced dill pickle, half cup chopped walnuts, half bottle sliced, stuffed olives. Chill and serve on lettuce leaves.

THREE P SALAD. One can small peas, half dozen small sweet pickles, cut into small pieces, half cup peanuts, halved. Mix with salad dressing.

VEGETABLE SALAD. Prepare two packages of jello, any flavor. When beginning to cool, add one cup shredded cabbage, one pimento, half can pineapple, half cup chopped celery. Put in square mould or dish and set on ice to harden. To remove from dish, dip dish in hot water. Cut into thick slices with knife that has been dipped in hot water. Serve with salad dressing, thinned with whipped cream.

SPRING SALAD. Prepare cucumbers by allowing them to stand in cold water for half an hour. Pare and dice, placing between cheese cloth directly upon ice. Prepare radishes and lettuce in like manner. When ready to serve, mix with salad dressing.

EGG AND CUCUMBER SALAD. The combination of hard-boiled eggs and crisp cucumbers served on lettuce with a salad dressing is a pleasing one.

ONION SALAD. Slice Bermuda onions as thinly as possible and let the slices stand in cold water half an hour. Drain and lay on lettuce leaves. Serve with a French dressing.

TOKIO SALAD. A cool-looking salad of green gelatine, peas, fish and carrots. The ingredients are placed alternately with layers of jelly in a mold. When set, turn out on any pretty greens. Plain gelatine may be made green by coloring with green fruit coloring.

VEGETABLE SALAD. Asparagus, cabbage, celery, corn, cucumber, cauliflower, endive, potato, radish, spinach, string beans, cress. Cut vegetables into fancy or small pieces; mix with salad dressing. Asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, beans, corn and potatoes should be cooked. Various garnishes may be used.

EGG SALAD. A platter is lined with shredded lettuce. Hard-boiled egg yolks are placed in the center, garnished with parsley. Rings of egg whites are filled with mayonnaise dressing.

CUCUMBER SALAD. Cut cucumbers of medium size, across lengthwise, remove the inside. Mix this with salad dressing, add bits of green pepper or tomato or cabbage and serve in the refilled shells on lettuce leaves.

STUFFED ONION SALAD. A large onion is cooked until tender but not soft, drained and cooled, the center scooped out and the space filled with chopped tomato and lima beans, mixed with mayonnaise. Serve with French dressing.

RICE AND MACEDOINE SALAD. Take a ring mold, butter it, and press into it, three cups hot boiled rice, seasoned with three tablespoons of melted butter, and salt, pepper and paprika. When cold, turn out and fill with a macedoine of vegetables with French dressing. Decorate with green peppers.

TOMATO SALAD. Half cup whipped cream, one quart tomatoes, cloves and mace, one ounce gelatine or jelly powder, slice of onion, one bay leaf. Stew the tomatoes, onion, bay leaf, mace and one or two cloves for about 20 minutes. Press through a sieve. Place over the fire again, season with salt and pepper, than stir in gelatine or unflavored jelly powder that has been dissolved in a little cold water. Stir well, then set aside until it begins to thicken. Fold in the whipped cream lightly and pour the mixture into heart-shaped molds. When firm, turn out upon lettuce leaves. A litle pink mayonnaise may be placed around them, if liked.

FRUIT SALAD DRESSING. Three lemons, (juice), two oranges, (juice), one cup sugar, two eggs. Put on stove, let boil up once, add small piece of butter and let thicken; then add half cup cream. Put over any fruit. Will not discolor the fruit as dressings made with vinegar do. Use only just enough to moisten the salad.

WALDORF SALAD. One cup of chopped celery, one cup of chopped apples, one cup of walnut meats, half cup canned peas. Use fruit salad dressing and mix well. Let stand several hours in cold place. A few candied cherries for garnishing are delicious. The peas may be omitted.

BANANA SALAD. Take half of a banana, roll it in brown sugar in which has been added a few chopped walnut meats. Place on a lettuce leaf and serve with fruit salad dressing.

PORCUPINE SALAD. Place halved pears on lettuce leaves, take three cloves and put them in, stem end to form eyes and nose. Then cut halved almonds in slices and stick thickly in pear. Cover with a little fruit salad dressing.

GRAPE SALAD. Use large California grapes. Remove the seeds from the side and press half of a pecan nut into the grapes. Arrange in small cup-like lettuce leaves and serve with fruit salad dressing.

PLAIN FRUIT SALAD. Peel two oranges; separate into sections and remove the pulp. Peel three bananas and cut into slices. Wash half pound of white grapes; cut each grape in half, remove the seeds and if the skins are tough, peel before cutting. Put the fruit together and add the meats from half dozen English walnuts. Serve with French dressing. Any kind of fresh fruit can be added to suit the tase. Pineapple juice or any other fruit may be used instead of the French dressing. Always chill before serving.

PEACH SALAD WITH CHEESE BALLS. Half cooked peach on lettuce leaf, ball made of cream cheese and walnuts, rolled one inch in diameter. Place on peach. Serve with salad dressing.

BANANA SALAD. Peel and quarter bananas and cover with fruit salad dressing. Dredge with crushed peanuts and serve with a spoonful of whipped cream.

FRUIT SALAD. One cup pineapple, one cup oranges one cup bananas, two tablespoons cold water, one cup whipped cream, one cup boiled dressing, one tablespoon gelatine. Dissolve gelatine in cold water and set in a cup of boiling water. Mix cream with dressing, (not too strong of vinegar), stir in the cooled gelatine and mix quickly with the fruit. Put in individual moulds and serve on lettuce leaf with fruit salad dressing.

TUTTI FRUTTI SALAD. Fourth pound figs, cut fine, fourth pound stoned dates, four oranges, cut in small slices, one cup canned strawberries, one cup canned pineapple, juice of one lemon, three or four tablespoons sugar, one cup pineapple juice.

MARSHMALLOW SALAD. Four bananas, half can pineapple, fourth pound white grapes, fourth pound marshmallow, half cup English walnuts, in small pieces. Serve with fruit salad dressing, thinned with whipped cream.

FRUIT SALAD IN CANTELOUPE CUPS. Cut in half as many canteloupe as you wish to serve, allowing a half for each person. Remove the seeds with a spoon, being careful not to cut the cup. Fill with any fruit salad.

DATE AND CHEESE SALAD. Get some large fine dates, wash them and open one side to remove the stone. Stuff with cream cheese, lay on lettuce and use with them a mayonnaise or salad dressing, mixed with a third of the quantity of whipped cream. Or, use a stiff dressing and whip a little cream and on one side of the individual plates, put a spoonful of each, side by side. Cooked prunes, stuffed with cheese or plums stuffed with nut meats, may be served in the same way.

SLICED TOMATOES AND CUCUMBERS. Serve together or separately with salad dressing.

WHITE GRAPE SALAD. One large can white cherries, half can white grapes, seeded, one can pineapple, cut and drained, half pound marshmallows, cut in small bits, half cup of peanuts or walnuts, halved, two apples, chopped. Mix all together. Use fruit salad dressing, without mustard, and with whipped cream.

FRUIT SALAD WITH JELLO. Prepare one box of jello, according to directions on box. Into this, slice bananas, oranges, pineapple, white grapes, or other fresh fruits and a small quantity of nut meats. Set in a cold place to harden. May be served with whipped cream.

ORANGE SALAD. Cut oranges in halves, remove pulp, add three bananas, sliced and chopped walnuts. Sweeten to taste and fill orange shell, adding whipped cream and candied cherries.

FRUIT SALADS. Apple, banana, cherry, date, fig, grape, grape fruit, orange, peach, pear, pineapple, plum, raisin and strawberry. All fruits should be sound, ripe and uncooked. Nut meats may be added. Serve with salad, French, mayonnaise or fruit salad dressing, add whipped cream. Serve on lettuce or endive. Dressing made from vinegar will discolor light fruits.

CELERY AND CRANBERRY SALAD. One cup and a half shredded celery, one cupful of cranberries, half cup walnut meats, lettuce, three tablespoons olive oil, one tablespoon vinegar, half tablespoon cranberry juice, salt. Prick the cranberries and cook in a little syrup, made of equal parts of sugar and water. Leave them whole. Shred the celery in two-inch lengths and let it “curl” in cold water for two hours. Make a French dressing of the oil, vinegar, cranberry juice and a little salt. Mix with the celery. Arrange nests of the lettuce, pile the celery on each, stud with the cranberries, and sprinkle the nuts, chopped coarse, over the top.

PEACHES A LA GROSVENOR. Arrange on a flat plate halves of canned peaches. Place in the center of each, one tablespoon of finely chopped walnuts. Over this two tablespoons of marshmallow whip or whipped cream and over the top, sprinkle grated cocoanut.

PEAR SALAD. Half dozen pears, half cup of celery, half cup walnuts. Cut pears in dice and chop celery and walnuts.

PINEAPPLE AND CHERRY SALAD. To one pineapple, cut in pieces, add fourth as much finely cut endive or lettuce and one cup of stoned cherries. Decorate with nuts and cherries. White mayonnaise is delicious with this.

STUFFED APPLE SALAD. This unusual salad is made by filling half an apple with cream cheese mixed with crystallized ginger, orange peel and nut meats. The apple is dipped in lemon jelly, chilled and sliced. Serve with honey dressing or syrup.

APPLE SALAD. A cored and unpared red apple is cut in slices a quarter of an inch thick. Cream cheese sprinkled with chopped walnut or other nut meats is spread between each two slices. Fill the center of the apple with any fruit salad.

BANANA SALAD. One cup chopped pecans, juice half lemon, four bananas, red pepper, salt. After peeling the bananas, cut in thin slices. Squeeze the lemon juice over them and season with salt and red pepper. Add the nuts and serve on tender leaves of lettuce, or water cress that has been standing in French dressing.

GRAPEFRUIT SALAD. Two grapefruit, cream cheese, lettuce, French dressing. When you have peeled the grapefruit, separate the pulp from the white skin. Place in a salad dish of tender lettuce, crumble the cheese and sprinkle over the fruit. Cover the salad well with French dressing.

GRAPEFRUIT AND WHITE GRAPE SALAD. Two grapefruit, white grapes, French dressing, water cress or parsley. Halve the grapefruit evenly to keep the cases intact. Remove the fruit and separate the pulp from the white covering. Use an equal portion of white grapes, seed, and mix with grapefruit. Let stand for 30 minutes in French dressing before serving. Fill the grapefruit shells with the fruit and lay about them sprigs of water cress or parsely.

FRUIT SALAD WITH PRUNES. Half pound of stewed prunes, one orange, one cupful pineapple, one banana. The prunes should be stewed until tender, and the stones removed. Add to the prunes the diced pineapple, the shredded orange and the banana, cut into slices. Mix all the fruits well and place on a dish of crisp lettuce. Serve with salad dressing.

ORANGE CUP. Pulp from four oranges, cut into sections, three-fourths of a cup of preserved red cherries, one sliced banana, one cup pineapple bits, half tablespoon lemon juice and powdered sugar. Mix oranges and pineapple together. Sweeten to taste. Cover and let stand in cool place for two hours. Then add the banana, lemon juice and cherries. Let stand an additional half hour and serve in high glasses.

SALMON SALAD. One can salmon, one cup cracker crumbs, one large stick celery, four hard boiled eggs. Pick the salmon apart carefully and pick out all particles of bone or fat. Wash the celery and cut into small pieces with scissors. Cut the whites of eggs into small pieces and break the yolks apart. Put all together and pour on salad dressing.

SALMON SALAD. One can salmon, two oranges, one stalk celery, half cup blanched almonds, chopped fine. Cut oranges and celery fine and mix all with mayonnaise.

CHICKEN SALAD. Measure twice as much chicken as of celery, after both ingredients have been cut into small cubes, add a few nut meats. Mix with French dressing.

CHICKEN OR TONGUE SALAD. Half cup tender, green peppers, chopped fine, one cup chopped celery, two large cups cold-boiled tongue or chicken, two hard-boiled eggs, two cucumber pickles. Salt and pepper to taste. Mix with rich salad dressing.

HAM SALAD. Take cold-boiled ham, fat and lean together, chop it until thoroughly mixed and the pieces are about the size of peas; then add to this, an equal quantity of celery, cut fine, if celery is out of season, lettuce may be substituted. Line a dish with lettuce leaves and fill with the chopped ham and celery. Mix with salad dressing.

EGG SALAD. Boil one dozen eggs hard. Slice and serve with salad dressing.

LOBSTER OR SHRIMP SALAD. Pick the meat in pieces, and use one cup of celery, cut up fine, to one cup of meat. Mix and season with salt, then add a good salad dressing and serve on lettuce. The use of four hard-boiled eggs, cut in small pieces will add to this salad.

LOBSTER SALAD. Drain the liquor from one can of lobster; turn out on a plate and pick to pieces, removing all the bones; add five or six gerkins; five or six olives, from which the stones have been removed; chop, season with salt and pepper. Place in the refrigerator to chill. Just before serving, mix with mayonnaise or salad dressing. Serve on a bed of lettuce. Garnish with hard-boiled eggs.

TUNNY FISH SALAD. One cup tunny fish, half cup each of shredded cabbage and cold boiled potatoes, one cup celery, fourth cup pimento, cut and mix with salad dressing.

COLD MEAT SALAD. Two cups of any cold meat or fish, one cup shredded lettuce, half cup cold, boiled potatoes. Chop meat into small pieces. Shred lettuce with scissors, cut the potato into half-inch cubes. Mix meat and potatoes lightly. Lay in a nest of lettuce and pour over it salad dressing.

CABBAGE AND FISH SALAD. One pint of shredded cabbage, one cup salmon, shrimp or lobster. Mix together with rich mayonnaise.

DEVILED HAM SALAD. With sharp knife cut the center of a firm head of lettuce into quarters. Slice two tomatoes. Cut up a few stalks of celery into small pieces. Arrange on large lettuce leaves and cover with this dressing: One egg, tablespoon butter, half cup vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard to taste, thicken in double boiler, stirring in one small can of deviled ham.

FISH SALAD. Three cups flaked salmon, tuna fish or shrimp meat, one cup finely shaved cabbage or minced celery, one finely chopped green pepper, sour cream salad dressing and lettuce or water cress.

Dress the cabbage with plain French dressing, add it to the fish, with enough cream dressing to moisten thoroughly. Arrange in a wreath of salad green, studded with radish roses; pour over a little extra dressing, sprinkle with the pepper.

CRAB SALAD. Two cups Japanese crab meat, two cups celery, one cup salad dressing, salt and pepper. Garnishing. Pick the crab meat over carefully, removing any particles of bone. Add the celery, cut into small dice. Season with salt and pepper, and mix all together, adding the salad dressing, either mayonnaise or boiled. Garnish with lettuce, peppers, beet root or any preferred garnish, as for instance, hard-boiled eggs or stuffed olives. Pour a little extra dressing over the top and serve very cold.

OYSTER SALAD. One quart oysters, one cup walnuts, one bunch celery, cut fine. Heat the oysters, drain off the juice. When oysters are cool, add celery and nuts, and one cup mayonnaise or salad dressing.

SHAMROCK SALAD. For a summer luncheon this salad is most attractive. Green peppers are cut one inch thick. Three circles and a piece for stem are placed on a plate to form a shamrock. These are filled with shrimp or any vegetable salad.

WATER LILY SALAD. The petals of the water lily are formed from celery and from the whites of cooked eggs, cut in strips lengthwise, the ends of one egg being pressed together to disclose the yellow center, which is uncut. The egg and celery are arranged on chicken salad.

ROSE SALAD. A solid tomato is cut to make five rounded inner and outer petals. The tomato is filled with a macedoine and garnished with egg yolk.

TULIP SALAD. Cut cucumbers or pears in the form of tulips. Arrange an individual serving of three on a plate and fill each one with a different kind of salad, mixing each salad with a different kind of dressing.


Dressing should be added at table or just before serving.

Practically everything used for salads should be thoroughly chilled.

Lemon juice is preferable to vinegar in fruit salads, as it does not discolor the fruit.

When oil and vinegar are added, always add oil first, so it will cling to the vegetables.

For most salads it is well to use an equal amount of Salad Dressing and whipped cream.

Meats should be mixed with dressing and allowed to stand a while before combining with vegetables.

Cut lettuce, vegetables and fruits and other ingredients into odd and variable shapes, giving attention to color scheme and table decorations.

Vegetables used for salads should always be fresh and crisp and kept in a cool place. Wash in coldest water or let stand in ice water until crisp, and dry with a cloth.

By first pouring a little lemon juice over light colored fruits, such as apples and bananas, the use of a salad dressing made with vinegar will not discolor the fruit.

Garnish salads with hard-boiled eggs, celery tops, asparagus tips, chopped parsley, powdered egg yolks, olives, capers, cherries, nuts, carrots, radishes, green pepper rings, orange and lemon peel, pickle, pimento, rice and sliced lemon.

Different salad dressings may be used with the salads than the ones mentioned in the recipes. Some people prefer mayonnaise or French dressing with olive oil for nearly all kinds of salads, while many prefer the plain salad dressing, made without oil. The dressing mentioned in the recipes is the one most generally preferred for that particular salad.

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