This recipe was clipped from a newspaper and found in a large collection, date unknown. I’ve typed it below along with a scanned copy.

Recipe Clipping For Spiced Peach JamSPICED PEACH JAM

1 3/4 cups prepared fruit (about 1 1/2 lb. fully ripe peaches)
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon ascorbic acid (optional)*
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
4 1/4 cups (1 lb. 14 oz.) sugar
3/4 cup water
1 box (1 3/4 oz.) powdered fruit pectin

*Ascorbic acid helps maintain color of fruit; may be purchased at local drugstore.

First prepare the containers. Use only containers 1 pint or less in size that have tight-fitting lids. Wash, scald and drain containers and lids or use automatic dishwasher with really hot (150° or higher) rinse water.

Then prepare the fruit. Pit, peel and grind very fine about 1 1/2 pounds peaches. Measure 1 3/4 cups into large bowl or pan. Add lemon juice, ascorbic acid and spices to fruit.

Then make the jam. Thoroughly mix sugar into fruit; let stand 10 minutes. Mix water and fruit pectin in small saucepan. Bring to a boil and boil 1 minute, stirring constantly. Stir into the fruit. Continue stirring about 3 minutes. (A few sugar crystals will remain.) Ladle quickly into containers. Cover at once with tight lids. Let stand at room temperature until set (may take up to 24 hours); then store in freezer. If jam will be used within 2 or 3 weeks, it may be stored in refrigerator. Makes 5 cups or about 5 (8 fl. oz.) containers.

Blender Method: Place fruit, a few pieces at a time, in blender container so blades are just covered. Cover and turn control from off to low several times until fruit is finely ground. (Do not puree.)

Before using this recipe, it’s important to read this page, the “Safe Canning & Food Preservation” section.

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One Response to Spiced Peach Jam Recipe – Clipping

Steve McGowan
Published 20 November, 2010 in 11:02 pm

I make Spiced White Peach Jam using directions for Peach jam on the Ball Liquid Pectin(Blue)Box.
( Buy current issue of Ball Blue Book)

I don’t peel peaches, nectarines, plums etc;when cooking I use a Blending Stick to blend/disintegrate the fruit skin(you like fiber,right?then dont throw it out. It gives a slight rosy color too.)
1. Just cut 4-4.5Lbs of pitted fruit into sections right into a 2 quart Pyrex Measuring Cup(1 recipes worth).
2. Sprinkle on Ascorbic Acid* or Citric Acid powder* to prevent browning(Oxidation). Too much may make it more tart.
3. Measure out(Ball Recipe) 8 cups sliced fruit,7cup Sugar*( 3 brown 4 white or whatever combo you like), 1/4 Cup Lemon or Lime Juice(not reconstituted- use Santa Cruz-Whole Foods or Fresh).
*Do not use less sugar- its the preservative in jams and jellies.
Fruit to sugar ratio is 55/45; assumes fruit has 5% Sugar,so its a 50/50 mix.
4. Put in a Heavy Bottom SS Preserving pot(no Aluminum,no more than 6 inch sides- evaporates faster than a tall spaghetti pot)bring to a simmer, stirring in sugar;
Cook until soft then blend with the whip stick until its a smoothness you can live with.
5. Then add the spices(See below), stir and take off the heat; cool and let sit overnight(12-24hrs)covered, in the fridge to macerate and let the spices mingle and mustard seed rehydrate.
6. Finish off the recipe the following day or whenever you have time. Check the spice mix and add what you think it lacks.
Apple pie spice mix or about 1/8-1/4TSP each:Ground-Cinnemon, Clove, allspice, nutmeg, mace. 1/4 Tsp Coarse ground black pepper. 2TSP whole Brown Mustard Seed.
I use either Ball Liquid Pectin or powdered Pectin from Whole Foods- turns out to be more economical than SurGel.
You can(theoretically) cook down the fruit to the gel point of 212F but it usually carmelizes and cooks off some of the delicate aromas in White peaches and other fruits.
These and other Jams, Jellies etc should be processed in a Boiling Water Bath.
Put in clean canning half pints, 1/4″ head space; New top seal on with band finger tight (not cranked down too
tight- the air has to escape while
water bath processing so a vacuum will form insuring a Hermetic Seal.
Place in a water Bath canner, cover top of jars with 2″ of Water,bring to a boil and process(after it starts to boil)for 10 minutes. Place on a towel to prevent cracking the jars.
(buy *Ascorbic acid aka Vitamin C Powder at Whole Foods Nutritional section-$13 for a large jar. Find Citric Acid at Brewing Supply store$4 for 6oz);both are cheaper than Fruit Fresh.
( I’m a graduate of the Master Food Preserver Program at the UC Davis Coop Extension ElDorado County 2005 and make Heirloom Ketchup, Preserves and Fermented Pickles in Mill Valley CA.)

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