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Soft Fillings

In general there are two classes of soft pies: Those with cooked fillings placed in already-baked shells; those filled in the oven and baked with the shell.

Soft Fillings: Good Pies & How To Make ThemCooked Fillings: Most bakers have a number of customers who want really good soft pies of the “cream” type. They are willing to pay a just price.

These fillings are flavored to suit and then cooked with cornstarch to thicken. You can make very rich cooked fillings, with a true home-made flavor, by using eggs, or egg yolks and Crisco, in them.

Baked Fillings: In the manufacture of custard pies, eggs are mixed with milk, flavored with spice and sugar and this is then cooked. To produce a custard pie with lower material cost, cornstarch is sometimes used to replace part of the eggs.

The wide range in quality of custard pies found in various bakeries may be explained from a comparison of the amounts of ingredients given in numerous formulae on basis of one quart milk.

1 qt. milk
2 to 6 eggs
3 to 8 ozs. sugar
none to 4 ozs. cornstarch
1/8 oz. salt
flavoring to suit

It seems needless to state that the formula calling for 2 eggs requires 4 ozs. cornstarch while that of best quality takes 6 eggs and no starch.

We would like to make emphatic our sincere belief that the big pie business will be won by those bakers who strive for excellence, rather than for cheapness.

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