The Enterprising Housekeeper (1906) - 200 Tested Recipes - Click To View LargerThis is page 91 from the vintage booklet The Enterprising Housekeeper from the sixth edition (1906).

Sausage Stuffer, Lard and Fruit Press

Points of Merit

The Iron Cylinder is bored True, so that the Plunger plate fits perfectly in the cylinder, from top to bottom.

Lips on Tin Cylinder, make burning of hands an impossibility.

Corrugations in spout prevent air entering Casing, thus assuring preservation of sausage. The only Stuffer possessing this feature, which is Patented.

It can also be used as a fruit press for making wines, jellies, etc., from berries of all kinds, Grapes, Currants, Quinces, Pineapples, etc.

Sausage Stuffer, Lard & Fruit Press - Click To View Larger

This is the last page from the book (other than the back index).

The 2 Week Diet

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