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Refrigeration is not essential in the making of the Short-Mealy type of crust, because the fat is so thoroughly distributed throughout the dough. You gain a better distribution of the water by permitting the dough to stand one or two hours before rolling.

Refrigeration - Crisco: Good Pies & How To Make ThemIn making the Flaky pie-crust, refrigeration is of advantage. Refrigeration “sets” the lumps of Crisco and gives them a better consistency for rolling into flakes. The time allowed for refrigeration also permits the water to distribute itself throughout the dough.

In making the Short-Flaky type of crust, refrigeration gives you the same advantages as when you make the Flaky crust. But it is not so important.

If doughs for either the Flaky crust or the Short-Flaky crust are allowed to stand in a warm shop the fat will soften and work through the dough. This would change a Flaky or a Short-Flaky crust into a Short-Mealy crust.

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