Here’s an undated, handwritten recipe on a white lined index card. The front lists the recipe for Red Beet Jelly, the back lists the recipe for Beet Juice (notice the name “Martha” in the top right corner). I’ve typed the recipes below as well as scanned the front of the card.

Red Beet Jelly Recipe Card -

Red Beet Jelly

6 cups beet juice
1/2 cup real lemon
2 pkgs sure jell

Bring to boil

Mix in 9 oz raspberry jello
8 cups sugar

Add to above
Boil hard 6 mins

Beet Juice

6 to 8 large beets

Peel thin–slice & cook til tender

Use enough water to cover beets when put on to boil.

The 2 Week Diet

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3 Responses to Red Beet Jelly Recipe – Handwritten Card

Nancy (Sampo) Frisch
Published 23 December, 2009 in 1:13 pm

who submitted this recipe , please? The handwriting looks just like my mothers and I did have an Aunt Martha. I am from Wisconsin and my mothers maiden name was Greene

Published 23 December, 2009 in 1:18 pm

No one submitted this Nancy, this recipe comes from my collection of recipes (there are a lot of different sources in that collection such as auctions, ebay, garage sales).

Published 4 September, 2010 in 1:07 pm

is this the old recipe called rex jelly

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