More Lifts For LeftoversHere are some tips for leftovers that were clipped from a magazine. Not sure what magazine it was or the date.


  • Make toppings of leftover mashed potatoes: Sweet or white, they’re delicious on casserole dishes. Just add a little milk to the cold potatoes, beat till fluffy; pile on top or in a border, then brown in oven. Good with chicken, turkey, combinations of meat or fish and vegetables.
  • Add cooked vegetables to salad: If they’ve been buttered pour boiling water over them, drain and chill. Then mix with greens and a well-seasoned dressing.
  • Make scalloped vegetable casserole: Mix leftover vegetables, combine with a cream sauce–either plain, cheese or herb-flavored–and top with fine buttered crumbs; bake.
  • Get flavor from juice of canned or cooked vegetables: It adds food value to white sauces, gravies and soups; use it also as a liquid when you’re braising meat. Keep it in a covered jar in the refrigerator.
  • Use sirup from canned fruit in sauces: For puddings, ice cream or cake, boil sirup 3 minutes with 1 tablespoon cornstarch to each cup of juice; flavor with lemon juice and more sugar if needed. . . Use also to baste a ham or pot roast.
  • Split and toast leftover rolls, biscuits: Then spread with margarine or butter; serve warm.
  • Don’t waste stale white bread: Make French toast, French-toasted sandwiches, bread pudding or fruit brown betty.
  • Fix up stale cake for dessert: Toast slices and serve with ice cream or dessert sauce. . . Add broken pieces of it to soft custard or cornstarch pudding; chill. . . Use cake crumbs with fruits to make fruit betties. . . Roll scoops of ice cream in toasted cake crumbs.
  • Don’t waste egg whites or yolks: To make a prune or apricot whip, beat egg whites stiff, gradually adding 2 tablespoons sugar to each white. Fold in 3/4 cup fruit pulp with sugar and lemon juice to taste; chill. . . . Add extra yolks to scrambled eggs or omelets. Poach in boiling water until hard, then chop and season for sandwich filling or press through a sieve to use as a garnish for salads or vegetables.
  • Cook the leaves of cauliflower: Trim and wash, then shred and cook in small amount of water. If leaves are bruised trim out stems and cook them like asparagus.
  • Save the sour milk or cream: It’s good in pancakes, waffles, muffins, gingerbread and spice cake. Add sour cream for wonderful gravies.
  • Find new uses for canned soups: Extend and add flavor to leftovers in casserole combinations, creamed dishes and scalloped vegetables.
  • Try cooked fish in a salad: Combine leftover halibut, cod, salmon with chopped celery; toss lightly with well-seasoned dressing, chill and serve on lettuce.
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