Here are pages 73, 74, 75, 76 and 77 from the vintage booklet The Enterprising Housekeeper from the sixth edition (1906).

Suggestions For Breakfast And Luncheon

Omelets Turbot
Fried Eggs Fish Hash
Baked Eggs Fish Cutlets
Boiled Eggs Curried Fish
Shirred Eggs Codfish Balls
Stuffed Eggs Finnan Haddie
Creamed Eggs Broiled Mackerel
Poached Eggs Broiled Sardines
Deviled Eggs Clam Fritters
Scrambled Eggs Fried Oysters
Beauregard Eggs Broiled Oysters
Eggs à la Bechamel Creamed Oysters
Deviled Crabs
Bouillon Broiled Lobster
Turkey Soup Farcied Lobster
Oyster Broth Lobster á la Newburg
Purèe of Clams
Purèe of Vegetables Fried Mush
Black Bean Soup Fried Hominay
Mock Bisque Soup Baked Potatoes
Cream Soups Corn Oysters
Baked Beans
Egg Salad Creamed Potatoes
Fish Salad Fried Tomatoes
Potato Salad Stuffed Tomatoes
Celery Salad Broiled Tomatoes
Fruit Salad Rice Croquettes
Chicken Salad Hominy Croquettes
Lobster Salad Macaroni Croquettes
Tomato Salad Cheese Ramakins
Watercress Salad Cheese Fondu
Vegetable Salad Broiled Mushrooms
Beef Hash Boudins
Beef Croquettes Hamburg Steaks
Baked Hash Cannelon of Beef
Hash on Toast Broiled Steak
Corned Beef Hash Broiled Chops
Corned Beef Croquettes Broiled Chicken
Ham Puffs Chicken à la Terrapin
Ham Toast Veal Soufflé
Broiled Ham Veal Loaf
Liver and Bacon
Lemon Pie Baked Custards
Cream Pie Caramel Custards
Cherry Pie Italian Creams
Mince Pie Bavarian Creams
Fig Pudding Russian Jelly
Chocolate Pudding Coffee Jelly
Cottage Pudding Sherbets
Snow Pudding Ices
Orange Pudding Ice Creams
Baked Apples Cream Cake Pie
Stewed Pears Washington Pie
Baked Bananas Fruits
Fruit Beverages

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Breakfast Menus

Fruit Quaker Oats
Baked Hash Ham Omelet   Creamed Potatoes
Corn Bread   Coffee Muffins   Coffee
Cracked Wheat
Minced Hash on Toast Hashed Brown Potatoes
Popovers Coffee
Fruit Fruit
Frizzled Beef   Baked Potatoes Ham Patties   Potato Cakes
Rice Muffins   Coffee Rolls   Coffee
Broiled Tomatoes
Whole Wheat Muffins   Coffee
Grape Fruit Melons
Wheatena Poached Eggs
Broiled Chops   French Fried Potatoes Waffles   Coffee
Rolls   Coffee
Hamburg Steaks   Stewed Potatoes
Griddle Cakes   Coffee
Cracked Wheat Fruit
Meat Sausages   Potatoes Hashed Codfish Balls   Bearnaise Sauce
In Cream Graham Gems   Coffee
Popovers   Coffee

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Luncheon Menus

Scalloped Fish   Cold Slaw
Brown Bread and Butter
Pineapple Pie
Turkey Soup
Veal Loaf   Lettuce Salad
Bavarian Cream
Chicken Croquettes, Bechamel Sauce
Macedoine Salad
Bread and Butter
Cherry Pie
Stuffed Eggs, Cream Sauce
Tomato Salad
Fruit Jelly
Corn Fritters
Citron Preserves   Cake
Deviled Clams   Lettuce Sandwiches
Chicken à la Terrapin
Peach Sherbet
Curry of Veal
Scalloped Tomatoes
Fruit Wafers
Purèe of Clams
Ham Toast
Rice Pudding

Supper Menus

Stuffed Eggs   Cream Potatoes   Finger Rolls
Strawberries   Sponge Drop Cakes
Shrimp Salad   Saratoga Potatoes
Brown Bread and Butter Sandwiches   Coffee
Lemon Jelly   Wafers
Chicken à la Terrapin   Julienne Potatoes
Tea Biscuit   Raspberry Shrub
Coffee   Bavarian Cream   Cake
Steamed Clams, Butter Sauce
Veal Loaf   Spiced Currants
Cake   Iced Tea   Orange Sherbet
Strawberry Shortcake   Cookies   Iced Cocoa
Corn Fritters
Potato Salad   Rolls   Coffee
Panned Oysters
Boston Baked Beans   Brown Bread
Citron Preserves   Cake
Boiled Tomatoes   Potato Croquettes
Peach Shortcake   Chocolate
Baked Hash, Chili Sauce, Waffles, Coffee
Lobster Cutlets, Cream Sauce
Potato Puff   Stuffed Olives
Rhode Island Johnny Cake   Chocolate
Boudins, Mushroom Sauce
Brown Bread and Butter   Coffee   Preserves   Cake

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The 2 Week Diet

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