Home Baking Made EasyHere is part of page 4 of the vintage cookbook: Home Baking Made Easy that was published in 1953 by Lever Brothers Company.

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Beat: Blend ingredients rapidly by using a brisk whipping or stirring motion.

Blend: Mix two or more ingredients together thoroughly.

Stir: Blend ingredients with a circular motion of the spoon until all ingredients are well blended.

Fold: Combine ingredients by cutting vertically down through the mixture with a spatula or spoon and gently lifting a portion of the mixture to a new spot, at the same time turning the bowl to cut and fold in a new spot.

Cutting In ShorteningCut in: Work shortening into flour or other dry ingredients with a pastry blender or two knives in a crisscross cutting motion.

Knead: Fold dough over toward you, press down lightly with palm of hand and push dough away from you. Then give dough a quarter of a turn and repeat.

Brush: Cover lightly with fat, cream or beaten egg (according to recipe). Apply with pastry brush, waxed paper or cloth.

Boil vigorously: Cook until bubbles cover the entire cooking surface.

Cool: Let stand at room temperature until no longer warm to touch.

Spreading consistency: The stage at which a frosting will hold its shape when spread on cake.

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