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This is a little pamphlet from Cream Corn Starch with a few recipes plus instructions on how to make your own cake flour. Instructions follow the graphic below:

How To Make Your Own Cake Flour - Cream Corn Starch

Cream Corn Starch to make your own cake flour

Cake Flour contains more Starch and less Gluten than Bread Flour in order to insure lighter, more tender cake. This is a secret only recently learned by housewives. They have found that the special consistency of Cream Corn Starch will make smoother cakes, more evenly browned cakes, and cakes that will stay fresh longer.


To make a cup of Cake Flour first place two level tablespoonfuls of Cream Corn Starch in a cup and finish filling with regular Bread Flour. This makes the equivalent of one cup of unsifted Cake Flour. Then this should be sifted together three times before using in the mixture.

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6 Responses to Make Your Own Cake Flour

Published 7 August, 2009 in 4:01 pm

i am trying to make cake flour and recipe asks for cream corn starch is it the same as corn flour

June Dick
Published 2 September, 2009 in 8:38 am

Where can I buy cream corn starch? Thanks

June Dick
Published 29 September, 2009 in 8:59 am

Found out about Cream corn starch. “Cream” is the name brand of the corn starch. It can be found in many grocery stores.

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Nikki Hines
Published 27 May, 2010 in 12:06 pm

What store is carrying the Cream Cornstarch Brand in South Florida

ursula rhea
Published 3 May, 2011 in 11:29 am

So after you sift the two together do you then measure the amount that you need or do you use what you’ve made?

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