Here’s a recipe from “Kalorie Kate” that was clipped from a newspaper and found in a large collection, date not marked but I believe this is from the 1960’s. Recipe is typed below along with a scanned copy.

ARE YOU A calorie watcher?

If you’re battling the bulges, here are two low calorie recipes which make up into some tasty ammunition. These treats will brighten up both dietetic and diabetic meals.

The candy making rules are for Mrs. Thomas Ries, Route 1, Clinton who has been longing for some of the sweet-stuff.

There’s about 22 calories in each piece and the recipe makes 16 munchy coconut candies.

It calls for

1 cup shredded coconut
2 tablespoons non-fat dry milk
2 saccharin tablets (1/4 grain each)
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon water
1/8 teaspoon vanilla

Chop coconut very fine. Blend with non-fat dry milk in bowl.

Dissolve saccharin and salt in mixture of water and vanilla.

Add to coconut and stir until dry ingredients are moistened. Shape coconut mixture into mounds by pressing into a teaspoon. Chill until firm.

Recipe Clipping For Low-Calorie Coconut Candies

The 2 Week Diet

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