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Making Biscuits

ASK any man if he’d like hot biscuits for Supper—!!

Copyright, 1923, by Royal Baking Powder Co.

Make Your Biscuits This New Way
In 10 Minutes You Can Have Delicious Hot Biscuits for Sunday Supper

Hot biscuits for Sunday night supper! Haven’t you often wanted to delight your family and friends with such a treat but hesitated because you thought it would take up too much of your Sunday afternoon? Make them this new way and in only 10 minutes’ time on Sunday you can have a plateful of biscuits as delicious and beautifully raised as any you ever saw!

Mix them Saturday–bake them Sunday

Take a few minutes Saturday morning to mix and cut a pan of Royal biscuits. Slip them into the ice-box or set them aside in a cool place. Sunday when supper time comes pop them into the oven and they are ready by the time the table is set!

Because two leavening agents are combined in Royal, your biscuits begin to rise as soon as the dough is mixed. Then a second rising takes place when the biscuits are put into the oven. This double acting quality makes it possible for you to bake Royal biscuits immediately or to keep the biscuit dough all ready mixed for baking several hours later or even the next day.

When you see how little time and trouble it takes to have hot biscuits for supper, you will want them often! With coffee, tea, chocolate, or milk; one main dish which may be meat, fish, or salad and hot biscuits you have a delicious meal for family and guests.

Making Biscuits - Royal Baking Powder Co. - Click To View Larger

The 2 Week Diet

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2 Responses to Intro – Making Biscuits – 1923 Royal Baking Powder Co.

Published 13 October, 2008 in 12:55 pm

It is so fun to read these old recipes and tips! The ice box! I had to think a minute to figure out if that meant freezer or refrigerator. But I think I’m right that that is a refrigerator???

Published 13 October, 2008 in 4:25 pm

Yes it was their version of the refrigerator, here’s an interesting article on Wikipedia about them: Icebox

An Icebox was the common appliance for providing refrigeration in the home before safe refrigerants made compact mechanical refrigerators useful.

Commonly iceboxes were made of wood, most probably for ease of construction, insulation, and aesthetics: many were handsome pieces of furniture.

Iceboxes had hollow walls that were lined with tin or zinc and packed with various insulating materials such as cork, sawdust, straw or seaweed. A large block of ice was held in a tray or compartment near the top of the box. Cold air circulated down and around storage compartments in the lower section. Some finer models had spigots for draining ice water from a catch pan or holding tank. In cheaper models a drip pan was placed under the box and had to be emptied at least daily.

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