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Page 17 - How To Frost - Click To View LargerFROSTING TO ADORN THE CAKE

Frosting is the final touch that completes your cake. Choose a frosting that harmonizes with the cake in color, texture and flavor. Decorations, too, should be in keeping with the cake, and should be edible.

Recipes are given here for popular types of frostings: glamorous seven-minute frostings, rich candy-like frostings, creamy uncooked frostings, simple broiled toppings. Spry lets through the delicate full flavor of cake and frosting.


Be sure the cake is thoroughly cold (unless otherwise specified) before frosting. Brush loose crumbs from cake with pastry brush.

Layer Cakes: Turn the layer for the bottom from the rack, on to the cake plate, bottom side up, and spread some of the frosting with a spatula evenly over the surface. Top it with the second layer, bottom side down, with edges even. Frost sides of cake first, using light up-and-down strokes and bringing the frosting up and just over the top rim of the cake. Pile the remaining frosting on top and spread out to rim, making graceful swirls.

With 7-Minute Frosting, make graceful peaks by lifting the frosting gently with a spatula. For flat decorations, make a smooth frosted top.

Tube or Loaf Cakes: Place cake top or bottom side up, as preferred. Frost sides, then top.

Cupcakes: Frost tops with a soft swirl forming a center peak. For more frosting, turn bottom side up to frost, including sloping sides.


To set off your cake, choose a plate of the same shape (square or round) and complimentary in color.

Spread Frosting Evenly

Spread frosting evenly over cake with a spatula making swirls or ridges.

With 7-Minute Frosting, the satiny peaks are decorative in themselves. If you plan a design, work it out on paper first so you can work quickly–avoid that “worked-over” look in frostings.

Coconut: To tint or to toast (p. 5).

Chocolate: For decorative dribbles of melted chocolate, see Chocolate Icicle Cake (p. 14). Make curls or shavings of semisweet chocolate for a border (p. 5).

Nuts: Press in walnut or pecan halves (flat or tipped) while frosting is soft. Make borders or designs with cut nuts (p. 5). To blanch, toast, or sliver almonds, see p. 5. To make Brazil nut curls, soften them in hot water, then cut in thin slices.

Fruits: Make designs or borders with red or green maraschino cherry halves, cut-up pineapple, citron, orange peel, dates, figs or raisins.

Candies: Lollipops, canes, all-day suckers, or stick candy can be crushed and used on the frosted sides and for lettering on top of the cake.

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