This clipping was a recipe advertisement published in a magazine dated 1964 from the Dr Pepper Company, Dallas, Texas. Details are typed below along with a scanned copy of the advertisement. The page was kept and saved in a recipe binder, that’s why you see holes punched along the top.

Hot Dr. Pepper Instructions



Clever people who enjoy something different–devilishly different and delicious–will welcome this exciting Winter Warmer . . . Hot Dr Pepper! Easy to prepare–simply heat Dr Pepper in a saucepan until it steams and pour into a glass or cup over a slice of lemon. Perfect for the family or when friends drop in–and take along a thermos of Hot Dr Pepper when enjoying outdoor activities. Hot Dr Pepper–the distinctive Winter Warmer!

The 2 Week Diet

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10 Responses to Hot Dr Pepper Recipe – Vintage Clipping

Published 14 February, 2009 in 8:42 am

I remember my grandmother fixing this for me in the 60’s on a cold winter night!

[…] a sign of the End Times?) In that spirit, I decided to go with a warm winter drink this week. Via the charming recipes of, we bring […]

Screwed Up Texan
Published 15 December, 2009 in 2:14 pm

I love hot Dr Pepper! In fact, I prefer Dr Pepper unrefridgerated even in 100 F temps. Steaming hot Dr Pepper is great too!

Published 18 December, 2009 in 6:06 pm

Sounds awesome, but does warming it ruin the carbonation? I imagine so, but I’m just curious if anyone knows for sure.

Road Tripper
Published 21 December, 2009 in 12:05 am

When I used to drive a lot, I always had a 2L DP bottle with me. On the rare occasions I didn’t finish the bottle before while driving, it sometimes ended up baking in the sun. This never stopped me from finishing the bottle.

Obviously, this was during summer road trips. It sounds much more appealing when it’s cold out.

Brandon K.
Published 21 December, 2009 in 10:12 am

In the movie “Blast From The Past” the father character preferred warm Dr. Pepper all the time. It is good to now know how to make it, so I can try it. Thanks.

Published 31 December, 2009 in 2:48 pm

I remember getting to stay up late New Years Eve to watch Dick Clark and the ball drop the year this add came out. I thought I was big stuff that yearat the age of 5.

Published 11 January, 2010 in 1:42 pm

Dr. Pepper changed its formula some years ago from a sugar to High Fructose syrup as a sweetener. I just got a hankering for some hot Dr. Pepper and was very disappointed that the flavor was not what I had remembered due to this fact. Dr. Pepper quit recommending serving their product hot because of this very fact. It is however possible to obtain Dr. Pepper which is made with real cane sugar…but it might take you some effort.

Published 10 July, 2010 in 8:14 pm

We have been enjoying hot dr pepper since we were kids. My mom grew up in the ’60’s andwe would have this instead of hot chocolate.

Hot Dr Pepper « Retro Recipe Attempts
Published 14 July, 2010 in 7:13 pm

[…] a sign of the End Times?) In that spirit, I decided to go with a warm winter drink this week. Via the charming recipes of, we bring […]

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