Vintage Home Canning Guide - Click To View LargerHere is page 5 of the vintage Home Canning Guide by Kerr that was published in 1941. The page is retyped below along with a scanned copy which is clickable if you’d like to view a larger copy.

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Also, please make sure to read Important: Safe Canning & Food Preservation before using any recipes or instructions regarding home canning, things have changed since this booklet was published.

Hot & Cold Pack Method - Vintage Home Canning Guide - Click To View LargerSTEPS IN CANNING

No. 1 Examine top of jars to see that there are no nicks, cracks, sharp edges, etc.

No. 2 Wash jars well in hot soapy water. Then scald.

No. 3 Select fresh, firm (not overripe) products. Grade according to size and ripeness.

No. 4 Prepare according to recipe.

No. 5 Pack product into clean KERR Jars to not more than 1/2 inch of top. (Except corn, peas, lima beans and meats. For these products, fill jars to within 1 inch of top).

No. 6 Add liquid:

(a) Fruits: Syrup to within 1 1/2 inches of top of jar when fruit is packed cold, or 1/2 inch of top when fruit is packed hot, or fruit juice or hot water to within 1/2 inch of top.

(b) Vegetables: Liquid to within 1/2 inch of top of jar (salt or other seasoning may be added).

(c) Meats: For precooked meats, add 3 or 4 tablespoons of liquid. Meats packed raw do not require the addition of liquid.

No. 7 Wipe top of jar free of all seeds, pulp, grease, etc.

No. 8 Place scalded KERR Lid on jar with sealing composition next to glass, and screw the band firmly tight. When using Economy Jar, place scalded Economy Cap on jar and put on clamp. If clamp is too loose, bend sufficiently to hold cap firmly on jar.

No. 9 Process required length of time according to time table whether for pressure cooker, hot water bath, oven or steamer.

No. 10 Remove jars from cooker or oven. Do not tighten screw bands. Set on surface on which several thicknesses of cloth have been laid. Do not turn KERR Jars upside down while cooling and sealing; do not screw bands down after jars are cold and sealed. Do not set hot jars in a draft.

No. 11 Test for seal. See No. 10, Page 4.

No. 12 Remove screw bands after 24 hours as bands are unnecessary once jars are sealed. Use screw bands over and over again.

The 2 Week Diet

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12 Responses to Hot & Cold Pack Method – Vintage Home Canning Guide

janette Schorer
Published 17 February, 2009 in 2:29 pm

how long do i process potatoes in hot water bath method I can not find it .

Published 22 July, 2009 in 4:10 pm

You can’t do potatoes in a hot water bath, not enough acid. You need a pressure cooker.

Betty Steff
Published 25 August, 2009 in 2:33 pm

How long does it take to do the hot water bath for shelly’s? (shelled beans)

Published 12 October, 2009 in 11:34 am

I find it funny that so many people say to not can potatoes in a water bath…they didn’t have pressure canners back in the day, yet our grandmothers canned everything with no problems…

Published 1 August, 2010 in 10:31 am

Susuan ..yes you can do potatoes in a hot water bath. it takes 3 hours…i did my baby reds last year that way and they turned out wonderful…

Published 7 September, 2010 in 10:04 am

It really is NOT safe to hot water bath your potatoes. Potatoes are a low acid food and do not have the required acidity to fight off bacteria such as clostridium botulinum, which causes botulism. Pressure canning potatoes only takes 40 minutes for goodness sake!

I have heard the argument hundreds of times about how your grandmother did it and survived. Well, your grandmother did not have access to a pressure canner. She also did not have access to seatbelts or other safety technologies. People of her time died of illnesses that were undetermined. Some of those instances would no doubt be attributed to botulism today.

Any low acid foods (meat, seafood, vegetables) MUST be canned in a pressure canner for the sake of your family’s safety. You would not dream of putting your infant in a car without a car seat, why would you risk poisoning your family with food that you made? Botulism is the second deadliest poison in the world. Be safe and stop using excuses!

Dan Scholten
Published 23 October, 2010 in 12:13 pm

I have processed wild game for decades including home sausage making. Watched my mother 50 years ago home canning but I do not have a clue. I have 22 beutiful Silver Salmon fileted end to end and in professional shrink in freezer. I want to can for both home use and gifts for freinds 5 flavors pickled, smoked, halapeno, terriyaki,

1/2 pint and pints. I am going to use only new wide mouth jars with new caps and screw bands.
recomendations say only presure cook fish? also recomends fresh? I have all frozen so i could do small batches this fall at my leasure and free up space in my

I have one 5 gallon presure cooker I got on Ebay with two seperation plates, this means only two layers of jars.

Problem the lid is twist off instead of a clamp down. Lid will not come off easy even now should I oil the gasket and ring? I am thinking of barrowing a dfferent one? I understand presure at 10 lbs below 1,000 feet we are at sea level. Cooking time says 110 for pints but how long for half pints?? Also how much water do you put in the presure cooker with two layers of jars? pint or half pint surely it does not go past the lid of the first layer of Jars?

Going to stay with small batches until I am happy with the taste of each recipie.

Hope I don’t ruin the fish or blow up the kitchen??

Published 3 November, 2010 in 6:07 pm

I have canned chicken and spaghetti sauce (with pork, beef and meat balls) for years. I have never used a pressure cooker/canner. My sauces and and chicken has stayed for more than 1 year. My family is exceptionally healthy. Canning — more than anything else i a learning process. I learned a ton from my mother and others. I learned lessons on my own.

Faye Wright
Published 27 May, 2011 in 7:31 am

when canning potatoes, do you clean potaotoes, put them in a jar fill the jar with water adding salt ,put lid and ring on and pressure for 40 minutes

Published 7 August, 2012 in 3:03 pm

When a hot bath item calls for 40 min, how long and at what pressure would it take to pressure cook? I would prefer to pressure cook than hot bath.

Joy Paulus
Published 2 November, 2015 in 3:07 pm

I am making mincemeat (with meat in it).
How long do I cold pack it?

Published 13 November, 2015 in 11:36 am

I tried canning a batch of hot peppers in brine mixture. Boiled lids & screwed on rings but did not put jars in hot water bath prior. None of the lids popped down. Its only been 4 days. Will they be ok or can I still take off lids heat jars with peppers in & reseal?

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