The Enterprising Housekeeper (1906) - 200 Tested Recipes - Click To View LargerHere is page 67 from the vintage booklet The Enterprising Housekeeper, sixth edition (1906).

Enterprise Ice Shredder

For Shaving Ice Coarse or Fine

Our Ice Shredder is operated by simply drawing the blade over a piece of ice, the pressure applied producing fine or coarse pieces, as desired. No necessity for taking the ice out of the refrigerator, as the cup can be filled from the side, end or top of a cake of ice without disturbing anything or wetting the hands. Its use will be appreciated for Fruits, Drinks, Oysters and Clams on half-shell, Olives, Celery, Radishes, Iced Tea, Sliced Tomatoes, etc., and many purposes in the sick-room.

Enterprise Ice Shredder - The Enterprising Housekeeper - Click To View Larger

The 2 Week Diet

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