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Fazio's Recipe Card For Double Batch Chicken Paprika

Double Batch Chicken Paprika

1 Tsp. salt
1/4 Tsp. pepper
1/4 cup paprika
2 cans (10 1/2-oz. each) Condensed Chicken Broth
2 cups dairy sour cream
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 pkg. Family Pak Chicken
salt, pepper and garlic powder
1/2 cup butter or margarine
4 thinly sliced onions
4 thinly sliced carrots
2 stalks celery, sliced
6 Tbs. flour

Sprinkle chicken with salt, pepper and garlic powder. In a heavy skillet, brown chicken slowly in half the butter. Line two baking pans placing skin side up. Add remaining butter to skillet and cook onion, carrot and celery slowly 5-6 minutes. Stir in flour, salt, pepper and paprika. Gradually stir in broth. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly until sauce bubbles and thickens. Remove from heat and stir in sour cream. Pour equal amounts of sauce over each batch, sprinkle with cheese. Bake one batch in 350° oven uncovered, for one hour. Freeze second batch. When frozen solid lift from pan. Overwrap tightly in heavy duty foil and return to freezer. When ready to bake replace frozen block in original pan. Baked covered in 400° oven for 1 1/2 hours. Just before serving turn chicken to blend with sauce.

Each batch makes 4-5 servings


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