Country Mince Meat Squares Recipe ClippingThis recipe was clipped from packaging of None Such Mince Meat (BORDEN, INC.) and published in 1970. Recipe is typed below along with a scanned copy.

(Makes 2 dozen 2 1/4-inch squares)

1 (9-oz.) pkg. “None Such” Mince Meat
3/4 cup water
2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk

Break mince meat into pieces in medium-size saucepan. Add water; stir over medium heat until lumps are broken. Boil 1 minute; stir occasionally. Cool. Blend with graham cracker crumbs and condensed milk. Turn into well greased 9 x 13 x 2-inch pan. Bake in moderate (350° F.) oven 30 minutes or until lightly browned. Cool in pan before cutting.

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5 Responses to Country Mince Meat Squares Recipe Clipping

Published 4 January, 2012 in 5:34 pm

Have been looking for this recipe. Used to make it long, long ago when children were small. Loved it. Do not know why I no longer have the recipe.
Thank You, M

Published 20 December, 2017 in 8:19 pm

Thank you !! I had this recipe in the early ’50s. Misplaced it sometime later. Will make it again for family this Christmas.

Published 17 November, 2018 in 12:01 pm

When I was a child, Mother used to bake Mincemeat bar cookies at Christmas from the recipe on the Nonesuch Mincemeat jar. They were the best! Since recipe was always on jar, she didn’t write it down and we lost it.
Now in my 80’s, I keep remembering how good they were and want to bake some. I’m not sure if this the recipe, but will try it. It seems like they were more “fruitcakey”. Thanks, PAL

Eleanor Heidrich
Published 10 December, 2019 in 2:27 pm

Thank you once again, will make 2 copies this
time and add to a new folder. It’s me again in 2019.

Published 12 December, 2019 in 8:23 pm

Will make these for the first time since the 70 ‘s . My four children called them mincey meatsies and loved them.

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