This recipe was written on a calendar page dated 1973 so I believe it’s at least 30 years old. I’ve typed it out below along with a scanned copy at bottom.

Chopped Cucumber Relish

12 lg. ripe cucumbers
8 red peppers
8 lg onions
1/2 c. common salt
3 TBLSP celery seed
3 TBLSP mustard seed
5 c sugar
5 c vinegar

Peel cucumber & halve lengthwise, scoop out seeds.

Wash peppers & remove seeds & stems.

Peel onion, cut in half.

Put cucumber, pepper & onions through food chopper using coarse blade.

Add salt & let stand overnite. Drain thoroughly.

Add remaining ingredients – cook 30 minutes stirring occasionally.

Pack in hot jars, seal.

Please read the Safe Canning & Food Preservation section if planning on canning this recipe.

Handwritten Recipe For Cucumber Relish

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3 Responses to Chopped Cucumber Relish – Handwritten Recipe

Published 21 July, 2010 in 9:14 am

Just wanted to add my “two cents”…it looks to me as though the recipe calls for “common salt”

Published 21 July, 2010 in 1:12 pm

Yes I think you are right Renee, thanks very much! I looked and looked at the word and just couldn’t make it out!

wanda sell
Published 7 September, 2015 in 2:37 pm

is there a way to cool down relish that is to hot to ear (spicy?)

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