This is a magazine pull-out recipe card that was published by Family Circle in 1966 and found in a large collection. Recipe is typed below along with a scanned copy.

Vintage Recipe Card For Choco-Caramel Top Hats


Almost like magic, packaged caramels turn into the richest sweet-tooth tempter

Makes about 5 dozen

1 package (14 ounces) caramels
1/4 cup cream for whipping
1 can (8 ounces) walnuts (2 cups)
6 squares semisweet chocolate

  1. Unwrap caramels and combine with cream in the top of a medium-size double boiler. Heat over simmering water about an hour; stir until creamy-smooth. Break walnuts coarsely and stir in.
  2. Drop by teaspoonfuls, 1 inch apart, on buttered cooky sheets. Let stand at least an hour, or until firm.
  3. While caramel mixture cools, wash top of double boiler, then heat semisweet chocolate over hot water until partly melted; remove from heat; stir until completely melted.
  4. Drop, 1/4 teaspoonful for each, onto top of caramels; spread slightly. Let stand until firm.

Family Circle

The 2 Week Diet

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One Response to Choco-Caramel Top Hats Recipe Card

Published 14 December, 2010 in 7:33 pm

Hey! we make these at home a lot every christmas, actually. Another way to try it is with peanuts instead of walnuts.
A better way to keep from sticking is actually to use wax paper, and spray that with non stick spray.
I’ve yet to try with parchment paper though. So maybe that’s even better.


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