This vintage recipe card was published by McCall’s Great American Recipe Card Collection in 1973 and found in a large collection. There’s also a blueberry variation of this pie included at the bottom. I’ve typed it below along with a scanned copy (of both sides).

Recipe Card for Cherry Pie Supreme


Two all-time American favorites–cherry pie and cheesecake–are subtly mingled in this applause-winning recipe. The result is a delightfully different dessert that is as elegant and exciting as it is easy-to-make.

9-inch unbaked pie shell
1 can (1 lb, 5 oz) cherry pie filling
4 pkg (3 oz) soft cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup dairy sour cream

  1. Preheat oven to 425F.
  2. Prepare pie shell. Spread half of cherry pie filling in bottom; set rest of filling aside.
  3. Bake shell 15 minutes, or just until crust is golden. Remove from oven.
  4. Reduce oven temperature to 350F.
  5. Meanwhile, in small bowl, with portable electric mixer, beat cheese with sugar, eggs, and vanilla until smooth.
  6. Pour over hot cherry pie filling; bake 25 minutes. (Filling will be slightly soft in center.)
  7. Cool completely on wire rack.
  8. To serve: Spoon sour cream around edge of pie. Fill center with remaining cherry pie filling.

Makes 8 servings.


Follow above recipe, substituting 1 can (1 lb, 5 oz) blueberry pie filling for cherry pie filling.

Vintage Recipe for Cherry Pie Supreme

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Patricia Johnson
Published 25 November, 2010 in 8:48 pm

Thank you so much!!! I had recently lost my recipe card, and EVERYONE has been asking me for it. You have made me a hero!!!
You have my gratitude!

Linda Silvia
Published 27 November, 2015 in 11:09 am

Thank you so very much for posting this! I had lost this card and tried to make it each year from memory and sometimes it just didn’t taste the same. Eternally grateful!

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