Published Jul 01, 2008 in Candies, The Candy Book

This little vintage recipe booklet about candy making is a partner to the Salad Book. I have no date but believe it’s from 1910 or so. Here is what this little booklet contains: The Candy Book Price 10¢ PREFACE The profits from the sale of The Candy Book are used for a worthy object, and […]

Here’s a little booklet for Salads, I don’t have a date marked on them but I believe this is from the early 1900’s, approximately 1910. Here is what this little recipe booklet holds: The Salad Book “I always thought cold victuals nice.”–Holmes. A dinner is incomplete without a salad, and properly made salads are conducive […]

In this folder I’ll be filing all my recipe books & booklets that I consider antique, those older than the year 1940. I find these really interesting and lovely to browse through and I’m happy to share them with you. Each of the pages will be transcribed and will include scans of the book covers, […]