This recipe clipping comes from a large lot of old recipe clippings for pickles, jams, jellies, relishes and more. Date is unknown but the recipes in this lot suggest 1940s through to the 1960s. Recipe is typed below.

Before using this recipe, it’s important to read this page, the “Safe Canning & Food Preservation” section.

Canned Beans Vintage RecipeRecipes for Your Scrapbook.
By Mrs. Harvey F. Rostiser.

This recipe from Mrs. Carl Landsverk, is very popular as it does not require processing. The vinegar helps keep them and is hardly noticeable when freshened in clear water to serve.


Snap and wash two gallons of green beans. Put in kettle and add

One cup sugar
One cup vinegar
One-half cup coarse salt

Add enough water to cook well, boiling 30 minutes. Put in jars and seal while hot.

When opened to use; drain off liquid and parboil in fresh water 2 or 3 times for 10 to 15 minutes. Cook till tender. Delicious cooked with fresh pork.

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