This recipe booklet from Hershey Chocolate Syrup has no date marked but I believe this was published in the 1930s or earlier and is part of my personal collection. Each of the pages from this vintage cookbook are filed in the 55 Recipes For Hershey’s Syrup Category. There are 55 recipes in total. You can read the page typed below or click on the picture to view a larger scanned copy.

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Chocolate Milk Hot or Cold

HOT–One tablespoonful HERSHEY’S Syrup to a cup of very hot (not boiling) milk, makes a delicious drink.

COLD–Add 2 tablespoonfuls HERSHEY’S Syrup in one glass very cold (not iced) milk. Mix with shaker or beater.

Use more or less to suit taste.

Chocolate Milk Shake
(One Serving)

Crushed ice . . . 1 tablespoonful HERSHEY’S Syrup . . . 1 teaspoonful powdered sugar (if desired) . . . rich milk to fill glass.

Mix Hershey’s Syrup, sugar and part of the milk together. Add 2 tablespoonfuls of crushed ice and shake till very frothy and cold. Pour into a glass over crushed ice and fill glass with rich milk, pouring it high to make it foamy. A dash of cinnamon sprinkled over the top of the glass is often liked.

Egg Milk Shake

1 tablespoonful HERSHEY’S Syrup . . . 1 egg . . . milk.

Break a fresh egg into a pint fruit jar. Add a tablespoonful of Hershey’s Syrup, drop in 2 or 3 tablespoonfuls of crushed ice and the same amount of milk. Put the top on the jar, fasten securely and shake vigorously until the whole mixture is frothy, then pour into a glass and fill with milk.

Chocolate Marshmallow Whip

1 tablespoonful gelatine . . . 1/2 cupful water . . . 2 cupfuls milk . . . 1/4 cupful sugar . . . 1/4 cupful HERSHEY’S Syrup . . . 1/4 pound marshmallows, halved . . . 1/4 cupful pecan meats, chopped . . . 1/2 teaspoonful vanilla.

Soften the gelatine in the water, heat the milk over boiling water and add the gelatine, then the sugar and Hershey’s Syrup. Stir well till the gelatine is throughly dissolved, remove from the fire, add vanilla, marshmallows and nut meats and beat until the mixture begins to congeal. Turn into tall, slender glasses and top with cherries. Chill well before serving.

Chocolate Mint Whip

To 3/4 cup milk and 3 tablespoons whipped cream, add 3 tablespoons Hershey’s Syrup, 1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract, and cracked ice. Shake well. One serving.

Chocolate Pineapple Freeze

1/4 cupful water . . . 3 tablespoonfuls HERSHEY’S Syrup . . . 3/4 cupful juice from canned pineapple . . . ice.

Mix all the ingredients together and beat or shake to a foam. Serve in tall glasses with straws. This is refreshing for those who cannot take milk.

Chocolate Orange Freeze

Juice of 1 large, ripe orange . . . 2 tablespoonfuls HERSHEY’S Syrup . . . 1 teaspoonful sugar . . . 1 egg . . . crushed ice.

Place all the ingredients in a fruit jar, fasten securely and shake thoroughly. Serve poured over crushed ice with a sprig of mint as garnish.

Chocolate Ice Cream Egg-Nog

Beat 3 tablespoons Hershey’s Syrup into 2/3 glass cold milk, with 1 beaten egg. Add a rounded spoonful vanilla ice cream. Top with more Hershey’s Syrup if desired.

Cocomoko Float

1/4 glass clear black coffee . . . 1 1/2 tablespoonfuls HERSHEY’S Syrup . . . 1/2 teaspoonful vanilla . . . 1 teaspoonful sugar or more, as desired . . . milk . . . . whipped cream.

Mix coffee, Hersey’s Syrup, sugar, vanilla and part of the milk together and shake vigorously. Pour into a tall glass one-fourth filled with crushed ice, fill with the milk, beat well and top with a spoonful of whipped cream.

The 2 Week Diet

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Debra Whitehead
Published 2 June, 2009 in 2:27 pm

I am looking for an old Hershey’s chocolate icing recipe that you use hersheys syrup and seems like either evaporated or condensed milk with butter that you cook and pour over hot cake and hardens into the best icing ever….can you help me find this!!! thanks so much

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This is sooo cool. I collect cookbooks and have some oldies as well. t’s nice to see someone preserving history!

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