Beat 'N Eat Frosting Recipe - - Click To View LargerThis recipe is handwritten on a well worn sheet of lined paper. Date unknown, but it does show some age due to yellowing. The sheet is a slightly heavier weight of lined paper. My guess is that it’s at least a couple decades old.

Recipe is typed as-is, including slight typos, although the formatting was changed a bit for easier reading.

Beat ‘N Eat Frosting

3/4 cups sugar
1/4 teaspoon Cream of Tarter
1 teaspoon Vanilla

1 egg white unbeaten
1/4 cup boil water
1 package Baker’s coconut

Place sugar, cream of tarter, vanilla and egg white in small deep bowl. Mix well.

Add boiling water to egg white mixture. Beat with rotary egg beater or at high speed electric beater until mixture will stand in stiff peaks.

Makes 3 cups of frosting.

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3 Responses to Beat ‘N Eat Frosting – Handwritten Recipe

wilma smith
Published 19 December, 2008 in 2:02 pm

looking for pillsbury fluffy white icing that comes in a box

Published 16 March, 2009 in 10:53 am

This is a great recipe! It was my favorite frosting as a little girl. It tastes similar to a marshmallow cream. The ingredients are minimal which is always nice. It does take about 10 minutes or so to beat it into stiff peaks but it’s worth the wait!

Published 27 April, 2009 in 12:59 pm

i am looking for a white marshmallow like frosting that I used to eat as a kid (many, many years ago) but I didn’t see one on here. I saw your note and wondered if that could be the recipe I’m looking for. Could you possibly send me the recipe you got so I can see if it is the one I need. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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