Fabulous Foods That Are Fun To Fix - Knox Gelatine Recipe BookletThis is the second page of the vintage recipe booklet: Fabulous Foods That Are Fun To Fix that was published by Knox Gelatine, Inc., in 1961. It gives directions for five simple variations to a basic gelatine mixture.

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5 Simple Variations Of The Basic Gelatine Mixture: Knox Unflavored Gelatine

There are 5 simple variations of the Basic Gelatine Mixture

The Simple Gelatine–Tomato juice is used as the necessary liquid in making Tomato Aspic. Other juices, sugar and solids, may be combined to form this Basic Gelatine Mixture.

The Whip–For Pineapple Whip, make a Basic Gelatine Mixture with pineapple juice. Refrigerate until partially set, beat until fluffy and double in volume.

The Snow–When you make Orange Snow, start with a Basic Gelatine Mixture made with orange juice. Refrigerate until partially set. Add unbeaten egg whites, beat until fluffy and double in volume.

The Chiffon–To make Lemon Chiffon pie, the Basic Gelatine Mixture is made with lemon juice and egg yolks added. Mixture is cooked over boiling water, chilled until partially set, then folded into egg whites which have been stiffly beaten with sugar.

The Whipped Cream Mixture–This can be made two ways: (1) with eggs and (2) without. (1) Bavarian Cream is made with eggs. Make the Basic Gelatine Mixture, adding egg yolks. Cook over boiling water, chill until partially set, then fold into stiffly beaten egg whites and sugar. Fold whipped cream into this. (2) Chicken Mousse is made without eggs. Chill Basic Gelatine Mixture until partially set. Fold in chicken and whipped cream.

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