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The old saying among journeymen bakers, “when they’re black, they’re done,” does not hold true with pies. It is possible to bake pies having a heavy egg wash in a flashy oven so they may be black, yet not have the bottom crust properly baked.

No specific temperature and time for baking pies can be given owing to the wide variance in type of pie, kind of fruit, thickness of crust, material used for washing and what your own customers desire in the way of color.

Good pies are baked in oven temperatures from 425° F. to 600° F. with the time regulated accordingly. One general precaution seems worthy of attention–better pies are baked in solid heat than in flash heat. A well heated oven hearth tends to bake the bottom crust thoroughly while the top crust is getting its desired color, but a flashy oven colors the top too rapidly and is quite apt to leave unbaked spots where the bottom crust is not in close contact with the pan. Whether you are baking pies in fifteen minutes at a temperature of 600° F. or for forty-five minutes at a temperature of 425° F., the same holds good.

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