This is a little recipe booklet titled: “Anne Campbell’s Favorite Recipes”. There’s no date but it is stamped “General Household Utilities Company Printed in U.S.A.”.

Here’s the cover:

Anne Campbell’s Favorite Recipes

The Kitchen

Anne Campbell's Favorite Recipes BookletThe living rooms hold comfort
With their soft, reclining chairs.
There’s a window draped in beauty
On the landing of the stairs.
In the bedrooms there are downy
Quilts and blankets soft and white;
But I must confess the kitchen
Is the room of my delight!

It is cozy in the kitchen
On a sunny afternoon,
On the stove the shining kettle
Hums a lazy, homelike tune,
There is good food in the icebox
And a nest of yellow bowls,
There’s a spoon just right for stirring,
And a pan of fresh-baked rolls.

Other rooms may hold more beauty,
But for quaint, old-fashioned grace,
And for loveliness that’s wholesome,
My white kitchen is the place.
My Grandmother had a saying:
“There’s a way to a man’s heart–”
And it lies straight through the kitchen,
Where good cooking is an art.

The booklet is actually a pull out type sheet with 23 recipes on front and back sides.

Here’s one of the recipes:

Grilled Tomatoes

4 medium-sized tomatoes

Wash tomatoes, cut in two crosswise and spread with mustard. Sift over them a bit of flour, salt and sprinkle with sugar. Add a bit of butter. Place in utility pan and run under the broiler of oven while the bread and cheese loaf is baking.

The 2 Week Diet

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