This recipe booklet from Hershey Chocolate Syrup has no date marked but I believe this was published in the 1930s or earlier and is part of my personal collection. Each of the pages from this vintage cookbook are filed in the 55 Recipes For Hershey’s Syrup Category. There are 55 recipes in total. You can read the page typed below or click on the picture to view a larger scanned copy.

55 Recipes For Hershey's Syrup - Introduction - Click To View Larger55 Recipes For Hershey’s Syrup – Introduction

HERSHEY’S SYRUP is a liquid syrup with a genuine chocolate flavor for chocolate drinks and sauces and for quick cooking. It is pure, rich and wholesome. A perfect product for the simpler making of any chocolate dish.

Use it on ice cream–it is delicious. It blends with milk at a stir of a spoon, making a wholesome chocolate drink, hot or cold, and it takes only a minute. It makes chocolate icings and chocolate puddings without cooking. You need only pour it into your mixing bowl for the chocolate mixtures that are to become cakes, puddings, sauces, breads, pies, icings or candies.

If some of the recipes in this booklet seem lengthy it is because they call for several ingredients. You will not need to “fuss” with any of them, and you’ll never have to “fuss” with Hershey’s Syrup. You will not need to melt it, shave it, or wait for it. SIMPLY STIR IT AND USE.

Hershey’s Syrup may not always be suited to your own recipes. But keep this recipe booklet handy to refer to. Use these recipes with the Syrup, and you will have successful results. Soon Hershey’s Syrup and this recipe booklet will prove indispensable to you.

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i have been looking for a brownie recipe that i have lost many years ago, and it was by you. hoping it is in this book. thank you

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